Scoop TV from Telebrands is a television antenna that promises to give you free TV for life from your favorite broadcasters including NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and Fox. They state Scoop TV captures the uncompressed digital signal, resulting in crystal-clear reception, giving you free access to news, sports, dramas and high-definition programs. Sound to good to be true? Let us give you the scoop on Scoop TV…

What Does Scoop TV Offer and Do I Really Need It?

Scoop TV is essentially a digital version of the old-fashioned “rabbit ear” antenna that were used for generations to pick up the analog signals of local and network TV stations before the dawn of cable. In 2009, a Federal mandate required all broadcasters to switch to a digital HD signal and since then, they have slowly been eliminating the analog signal.

The good news is that this generally resulted in better-looking television programs – provided you had a new flat HDTV, of course. As prices for digital TVs have plunged, the old rabbit ears and bulky television sets are largely a thing of the past.

Here’s some more important good news. If your television set is newer than March 2007, you likely already have a built-in ATSC tuner, which does the same thing Scoop TV promises. Here’s a handy guide how to check – look for wording in your manual or on the front that says “DTV,” “HDTV,” or “Digital Tuner” or flip through the channels – if you see sub channels like 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, etc. you already have one.

That means you do not need Scoop TV. Pat yourself on the back for saving some money.

The Misleading Promises of Scoop TV

Scoop TV uses some tricky wording to make consumers think they are getting something for nothing. They say things like “No Contracts!” “No Subscriptions!” as well as “Cut the Cable!” and you can have “free TV for life!”

While this is true – there are no contracts or subscriptions with Scoop TV – but… and here’s the big BUT… you are not going to get any special channels that come with cable/satellite/pay subscriptions like Dish, Time Warner, Comcast, et al.

In other words:

  • NO: HBO, ESPN, AMC, Showtime, Comedy Central, etc.
  • YES: NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, PBS, local stations.

Scoop TV says it lets you watch your favorite channels for free, but only if your favorite channels are already free.

How to Tell What Free Channels are in Your Area

Depending on the part of the country you live in, as well as the geography (mountains, plains) affects what free over-the-air signals you will be able to get with your built-in digital antenna, Scoop TV, or any other HD antenna.

Here’s how to check: visit and plug in your zip code. They will then list all the local stations broadcasting in your area. Here’s an example of stations near where we live:

Screenshot of
Screenshot of

The color code lets you know how strong the signal is. Any station that is not green or light green is likely not going to come in clearly unless you have a digital antenna on your roof. Rooftop antennas, of course, are much more expensive than an indoor device like Scoop TV.

What is the Cost of Having a Scoop TV Antenna?

Scoop TV lists for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling for a total of $27.98. At the time of your order they state you can add a second Scoop TV for another $9.99 in fees.

All fees are non-refundable. So if you decide to return Scoop TV within the 30 days as allowed by their money back guarantee, you will only get back your initial $19.99. You also have to pay to ship it back, as well as include a “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning it or they could refuse.

Bottom Line: Is Scoop TV a Good Idea to Help Me Save Money on Cable TV or is It a Scam?

Let’s review what we’ve covered, shall we?

  • If you have a TV newer than March 2007 you likely have a built-in antenna and do not need Scoop TV.
  • If you do need a digital antenna you will only get television stations that are already free to everyone.
  • You will NOT get to watch Game of Thrones or ESPN sports for free.

If there are television stations broadcasting in your area that are not coming in clearly, you may need a digital antenna on your rooftop.

Antennaweb lists the channels you are expected to get according to your zip code. If you do need a digital antenna, they recommend buying one that has been certified by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) with a red checkmark. (Scoop TV is not CEA certified.)

We should also mention that there are other digital antennas out there that make the same pitch as Scoop TV – these include HD Clear Vision Antenna and Clear TV. The main reason many consumers use the word “scam” when talking about these products is that they believe they are going to be able to watch cable television programs without a subscription. They are also often disappointed when they don’t get any more channels than they already have.

Now that we’ve given you all the above information, you know what to expect from Scoop TV or any other digital antenna.

Let us know your experience with Scoop TV below!

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