RxGenesys is a line of skin care products designed to help you look your best, no matter your age. The makers of the solution state that it represents a culmination of years of groundwork, as well as several different technological and medical breakthroughs in recent times that have led to its inception.

The company claims that the Complete Stem Cell Skin Care Beauty Kit can reduce the appearance of visible wrinkles by half, while also improving overall firmness and elasticity in the skin around your face by up to 42 percent in just eight weeks.

They mention that these admittedly attractive-sounding benefits are only possible due to recent advances in stem cell research and formulation, allowing the product line to utilize active ingredients that they state will hydrate and nourish the skin, fighting free-radicals while giving it the lift and volume you’ve been searching for.

Specifically, the makers of RxGenesys illustrate that the ideas and patented technology underpinning the product were inspired by groundbreaking research that was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2006 and 2012 as a result of its discovery that the creation of artificial stem cells could be done in a laboratory setting, as opposed to having to go about conventional (and controversial) means to obtaining them.

The stem cell complex used by RxGenesys is a direct result of this research, and the company behind the brand claims that it is crucial to its overall design and effectiveness. In order to truly understand the potential value of RxGenesys, however, we first need to learn about the figurehead and guiding force behind its creation, Dr. Jeffrey Gibson.

Who is Dr. Jeffrey Gibson?

Jeff Gibson is a medical doctor with over 20 years of experience in the fields of cosmetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery. The website goes on to state that he was initially inspired by his patients most challenging issues, leading him to research innovative new ingredients and technologies that could give life to his vision of an advanced, effective in-home treatment solution.

As a world-recognized surgeon, Dr. Gibson has won a variety of awards over the past few decades for his work, and he maintains an active presence in both the research and scholarly communities surrounding his area of expertise.

A full bio and list of relevant qualifications for Dr. Gibson are available right from the RxGenesys website.

RxGenesys Product Line Ingredients & Potential Side Effects

The Complete Stem Cell Skin Care Beauty Kit sold on the RxGenesys website includes the following individual products:

  • RxCleanser (100ml): Soothing Cleanser with Green Tea
  • RxMoisturizer (50ml): Nourishing Face Crème
  • RxIlluminator (30ml): Radiance Renewal Crème
  • RxVital (30ml): Revitalizing Serum

Each of these serums feature different ingredients, including some of the ones mentioned prominently on the website, like Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Extract and a variety of peptides, vitamins, and other nourishing components that all come together to provide some genuinely impressive results, according to the company’s independent clinical study carried out at Princeton Consumer Research.

In this study, researchers found that, amongst the 72 participants, the following data was observed:

  • “100% Noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines*
  • 100% Noticed a visible improvement in the level of moisture of their skin*
  • 94% Noticed a visible improvement of their skin’s radiance*
  • 94% Noticed a visible improvement of their skin complexion*
  • 91% Noticed a visible improvement of their skin’s texture*
  • 88% Noticed a visible improvement in the appearance of their skin’s elasticity*”

In terms of specific observations, the trial concluded that application of the four products listed above led to the following ultimate results:

  • “56% Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 56 days
  • 43% Visible improvement of the appearance of skin’s elasticity in 56 days
  • 43% Visible improvement of the appearance of skin’s firmness in 56 days”

In addition, zero participants reported or exhibited any adverse reactions whatsoever to the skin care products used in the trial. While there is always the potential for side effects to crop up due to the highly individual nature of our skin, this is nonetheless impressive in a study with so many users.

RxGenesys Pricing & Return Policy

The flagship RxGenesys product line, the Complete Stem Cell Skin Care Beauty Kit, was available both on the manufacturer’s website as well as on Amazon.com as of the time of our research. On the former, it’s available either as a standalone purchase for $94.95, or as a “FlexPay Auto-ship” program.

This program entails three equal monthly payments of $29.50, which are recurring. Alongside these payments, you’ll continue to receive a new kit every three months. You can cancel this membership anytime by calling (855)792-3288, and it is entirely optional to begin with.

The terms and conditions found on the website state that all orders are able to be returned within 60 days of purchase, even if they are completely empty. You’ll be required to pay any s&h fees to get the product back to the manufacturer, but outside of this, there are no other hidden fees associated with a return, and you can initiate one by calling the number listed above.

The product was slightly discounted on Amazon, being sold for $89.50 as of this writing. We reached out to customer support, who told us that they simply have a promotion running currently on that platform, and they assured us that there was no difference between what’s included here and on their own website.

Additional Thoughts on RxGenesys

So, bringing together everything that we’ve learned about the RxGenesys product line, can you truly expect it to deliver on its impressive claims? Let’s break it down.

Based on our experience, we’ve found that there are many companies out there who are selling “solutions” to wrinkles and other age-related skin issues without having any evidence to back themselves up. We’ve also found that many of these companies resort to less-than-stellar business practices in order to rope consumers in, leading to quite a bit of suspicion and distrust in the wider industry.

Luckily, many companies still exist today that strive to be open and honest with their customers, providing real-world clinical data and ensuring that any claims made are 100 percent transparent. Based on the information we’ve covered above, as well as our own experience reporting on similar products, we honestly feel that the makers of RxGenesys fall into this category.

The company goes out of its way on the main website to explain in detail how their product works, and they ensure that relevant, clinical data is available for each of their primary claims. We learned that through an independent trial in which their core products were used, researchers were able to illustrate powerful results on every single participant involved, and they managed to do so without any adverse reactions being reported.

Ironically, though the RxGenesys line most likely isn’t the cheapest option for skin care serums out there today, it’s actually quite a bit more affordable on the whole than many different solutions we’ve covered in the past. In our experience, similar products are frequently offered at significantly higher price points, despite having much less–if any–clinical data supporting them.

The Bottom Line: Is RxGenesys For You?

Having said all of the above, we ultimately haven’t tested out these products for ourselves, and because of this, we can’t categorically state that you will see the impressive results described on the company’s website (and to be fair, they state upfront that results may vary depending on a number of factors).

However, as consumers, we’re always seeking products and companies that provide genuine value to the end-user, as well as those that provide comprehensive customer service and a well-rounded brand that’s in it for the long run.

Based on the numerous customer reviews on both the company’s main website and on Amazon.com, we’d say that if you’re searching for an effective anti-aging solution with a proven track record and quality, authoritative data supporting it, RxGenesys absolutely fits the bill.

Have you used the RxGenesys line before? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a review below and share your experiences with other readers.