The Royal Posture is a 3-in-1 slip-on back support system that claims to help align your spine and essentially help relieve back pain and improve your overall posture. The Royal Posture claims to do this by targeting your lower back, spine and neck. According to the ad you probably just saw on TV, sitting throughout most of the day and poor posture creates strain on your back and neck resulting in pain.

Unfortunately, millions of people of all ages do suffer from that kind of pain and the Royal Posture unit appears to be what is a remedy for the issue, at first glance. We don’t blame you, but give us just a few minutes to dissect the Royal Posture before you make the final decision on whether you’re going to buy it or not.

Right before we go any further, the Royal Posture is brought you by TeleBrands, the godfather of thousands of “As Seen on TV” products that you’ve probably bought at some point over the years. (No, we are not promoting Telebrands.)

The Royal Posture Pitch in the AD

According to the website, the Royal Posture claims to provide multiple solutions such as improvement in blood circulation, relieve sore muscles, flatten out belly rolls, help prevent from you slouching your neck as much and more.

From what it appears in the commercial video, you “simply” put on the Royal Posture by “slipping the strap over your shoulders and secure the lower back closure.” Within an undisclosed period of time, the Royal Posture allegedly helps improve your posture using a “strategic 12-magnet” system. Also, the fact that the Royal Posture is barely visible, non-bulky and comfortable is a marketing factor for the commercial as that will be a concern for many who will be exploring many pain relief solutions as this. We’ll tackle all of that in just a moment.

How much does the Royal Posture Cost and Can I return it?

As we constantly mention, all As Seen on TV products are set up the same. With that said, one Royal Posture unit is $19.99 plus a non-refundable Shipping and processing fee of $6.99. In addition, as always, you will get a second Royal Posture included in your order for an additional $9.99 processing fee – bringing your total to roughly $37. Should you decide to return the product, you will not be refunded all of the shipping and handling charges and you will have to pay at least another $10 out of pocket to ship it back. Essentially, after all of these shipping and handling charges add up and once you send the product back, you will get no money back what so ever.

Bottom Line: Should you Buy the Royal Posture or is it a Scam?

The idea of the Royal Posture is definitely compelling to us and virtually anyone who is suffering from such issues as described in the video. However (and there’s always a however with these TV products), based on previous “As Seen on TV” products that are similar to this one, chances are that the Royal Posture will not be as comfortable as you may think despite that the commercial says it’s made out of a “neoprene nylon cotton blend”. Also, similar to our recently reviewed compression wear device Ankle Genie, where we had multiple reports that the bracelet was not comfortable and the zipper would fall off, chances are that the Royal Posture will perform the same and cause frustration for many when putting it on.

And the Final Take on the Royal Posture?

Given the previous track record that we’ve acquired here with many of the modern day “As Seen on TV” products, unfortunately the vast majority of consumers will complain that the Royal Posture does not perform as they hoped for initially when they saw the commercial. And, it’s unclear for how long you actually need to wear the bracelet for in order to feel the results.

As we always recommend in similar products, it’s best to speak to your local family doctor or chiropractor to see if the Royal Posture is something that will be of use to you. And if you do decide to try it out, we strongly recommend purchasing it directly at your local Wal-Mart or Walgreens as they’ll become available there very soon. That way you could avoid frustration and hassle from attempting to return it back should you be dissatisfied.