Roto Chop says their combo chopper and container is the easy way to chop, mince, and dice your favorite foods in seconds. They state it uses an easy pull system that is gentle on the hands and cuts 100 times per pull, meaning your meal will be ready quickly without any mess.

How Roto Chop Works

Roto Chop is a plastic container with a green lid, a pull handle and three-tiered blade; actual dimensions were not listed and customer service had no further information. Instead of using electricity or batteries, Roto Chop is powered when you (gently) yank the handle as if it were a lawnmower.

To use Roto Chop, they tell you to fill the container with your favorites fruits, veggies, meats, or nuts. Then, close the lid and pull the handle. They claim that the ultra-sharp triple blades cut up to 100 times. They state this means you will have hummus, minced garlic, tuna salad, or whatever else that needs fine chopping in just a few seconds. Also included with your Roto Chop is a sealer top, so you can use it to store away any foods you don’t want to eat until later. 

Roto Chop Cost:

$19.90 for 2 Roto Chops – this is pitched as $10 plus P&H $6.95 for the first Roto Chop and $2.95 for the second. (The second Roto Chop is optional.)

Roto Chop comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus all that P&H and what it costs you to ship them back.

Bottom Line: Is Roto Chop a Scam?

Roto Chop may have a “compact design” that saves on counter and storage space, but that also most likely means it’s not very big. We couldn’t find the dimensions, but judging from the infomercial it seems to fit in the palm of your hand. In other words, while it may be good for one person, you’re not going to be able to feed the family with food made in the Roto Chop. 

Since it uses no plug or batteries, it could make Roto Chop handy for camping or small chopping jobs but we wonder how durable it is. They don’t list the blade material, so it’s probably not stainless steel or they would say so. (It also only comes with a 30-day warranty/money back guarantee.)

Generally speaking As Seen On TV products tend to look great in the commercial but in real life they tend to disappoint. This is usually in part because of the long shipping times, hidden fees, and lousy customer service if it turns out to be a crappy product that you have to return.

If you are interested in Roto Chop, let us suggest away to avoid all that hassle: wait until it’s available at your local Walmart, Walgreen’s or other store that has an As Seen On TV aisle. It will likely be cheaper and if it is a piece of junk you can quickly return it without any hassle.

Let us know your experience with Roto Chop – did it work as promised or did it break quickly?

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