The Rocky Mountain Slip Stone pan is sold by Telebrands who touts the 4-layer nonstick surface cooks just like a stone and its folding handle saves space. They add that the rock hard surface sears food and you’ll cook with less butter, oil, or fat. In other words, the Rocky Mountain Slip Stone pan seems to be the same product as the Slip Stone Pan, albeit with a slightly “elevated” name.

How Rocky Mountain Slip Stone Pan Works

The Rocky Mountain Slip Stone Pan is 10 inches and they state it’s made from high-end aluminum and a 4-layer nonstick surface. They don’t disclose the actual makeup of the pan, except to say it’s PFOA-free (PFOA is a carcinogen). It is speckled with white so it looks more like a rock.

To use Rocky Mountain Slip Stone Pan, they insist you cook on low-to-medium heat. Even though the website and infomercial says it’s as hard as a rock and you can cut food in it with a knife, the instructions say metal utensils are not recommended.

When you are done using it, they instruct you to wash with water (no dishwasher or scouring pads) and fold the handle for easy storage.

Rocky Mountain Slip Stone Pan Costs…

$27.98 ($19.99 plus $9.99 S&H). At time of order, you can add a second RMSSP and a Cup Cutter (“it slices and dices”) for $12.99 in additional shipping and handling fees.

Telebrands says you have 30 days to try the pan, and if you don’t like it you can return, but they’ll keep all fees (and you’ve got to pay to ship it back). Also note that you must include a written explanation as to why you are returning it or they could not give you your money back.

Bottom Line: Is Rocky Mountain Slip Stone Pan a Scam?

Rocky Mountain Slip Stone Pan holds a lot of promise for being a convenient way to cook without a lot of mess. Greg Screws, a reporter from WHNT in Alabama reviewed the Slip Stone and said it is a good deal; his breakfast of eggs and sausage did not stick to the pan, but he questioned the sturdiness of the folding handle.

You too may like the “Rocky Mountain” version of the Slip Stone pan, but there are a few things to remember:

First, cook only on low-or-medium heat! Otherwise, you run the risk of ruining the pan. Second, remember, this is an “As Seen On TV” product, which sometimes disappoint consumers in real-world use.

Speaking of “As Seen On TV,” this product is manufactured by Telebrands, who currently have an F rating from the BBB. They were also recently sued by the State of New Jersey for violating the Consumer Fraud Act. Undercover investigators calling their automated system said they were taken through a lengthy ordering process that lasted up to 30 minutes while being solicited with many other products. (A.J. Khubani, President of Telebrands responded by saying Consumer Satisfaction is their “top priority.”)

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about the chemistry behind these “stone-like frying pans” you might want to read this interesting discussion. And if you’re worried about harmful chemicals used in some commercial frying pans, you might want to check out these reviews of non-toxic ceramic cookware sets.

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