Robo VacMop by Rydis bills itself as the first robotic cleaner that powerfully vacuums and mops, automatically cleaning hardwood floors and carpeting. They boast the Rydis Robo VacMop methodically dusts, vacuums, and mops your floors at the push of a button, detecting obstacles, avoiding collisions, and seeking out unclean areas.

Rydis Robo VacMop is actually made by a company called Moneual based in South Korea. There is no rating or info available about them from the BBB.

The Robo VacMop Pitch

Robo VacMop is targeted at busy families and seniors with disposable income who want to be on the cutting-edge of technology and like having a floor that you can (theoretically) eat off of. The infomercial has testimonials from professional men and women who love coming home to a clean floor so they can spend more time with their family and less on mopping. Seniors say it saves them from the aches and pains associated from lugging around a heavy vacuum.

How Robo VacMop Works

Rydis Robo VacMop is more formally known as Rydis H68 Pro Robo VacMop. It is round and flat, with dimensions of 20 x 15 x 20 inches and weighs 6 lbs. It is red and black and kind of looks like a robotic ladybug, minus the black spots. Inside it has a high performance BLDC suction motor which they claim is 30% more powerful than a DC motor and will last 10 times longer (approx. 5000 hours).

Robo VacMop is pretty tricked out with a lot of bells and whistles, but essentially it can work as a vacuum, a dry mop using the removable/washable microfiber pad, and a wet mop with a 5 oz. tank you can put water or cleaning solution in.

To use Robo VacMop, they say it’s as easy as pushing a button, but it seems to be a little more complicated than that (here is a copy of the 64-page User Manual and 12-page Quick Start Guide). In a nutshell, there is a charging base where your robot will “live” and recharge itself when its battery is low. There are three types of cleaning: Vacuum Cleaning, Mop Cleaning, and Hybrid Cleaning (which vacuums and mops simultaneously).

There are also special “modes” called Intensive (a 3x3 ft. area) Shadow (hard-to-reach areas like under the bed or sofa) Manual (you control it with the remote) Reservation (cleans at a certain time of day) Turbo Option (super suction) Threshold Option (climbs over something less than 0.4 inch) and Double Deep Cleaning Option (cleans in the same grid-like pattern twice). It also has Artificial Intelligence Voice Guidance, where Robo Vac will “kindly speak” telling you what it is doing or if it needs maintenance. In addition, it has sensors on the front and bottom that they claim help it avoid obstacles, seek out dirt, and prevent it from falling down stairs.

Once you get Rydis Robo Vac all configured, they say it will clean, mop, or both as programmed and then return to base and recharge itself for next time.

Robo VacMop Costs HOW MUCH?

Robo Cop (oops I mean Robo VacMop) tempts you with a 30-day trial offer of $49.95 plus $29.95 S&H. This totals $79.90. If you return Robo VacMop within the 30-days, they will refund the $79.90; you will also have to pay return shipping charges “unless specifically agreed upon beforehand” according to their Return Policy Page.

If you DO keep Robo VacMop longer than 30-days you will be billed 5 monthly payments of $89.95 ($449.75) adding that to the $79.90 for a total of… wait for it… $529.65. (If you spit out your drink right now, don’t worry, Robo VacMop will clean it up.)

Robo VacMop also comes with a one year limited warranty and 4 free reusable cleaning cloths - w00t!

Bottom Line: Is Robo VacMop a Scam?

Robo VacMop by Rydis aka Moneual may indeed work as indicated. The company has been in business for a number of years producing other Robo Vac models, the H68 being the latest. There are quite a few online reviews of the product and overall it appears to have an average 3-out-of-5-star rating. Since you’ve already read what the company says about their product, let us point out their consumers’ biggest complaints:

  • Robo VacMop seems to have a hard time finding its charging base.
  • Robo VacMop will roam everywhere in your house unless you put up special barriers.
  • There are too many modes to choose from.
  • Battery life is an issue.
  • It gets stuck.
  • It keeps saying “Take me to your leader.”

OK, we were kidding about the last one. In spite of what Robo VacMop by Rydis claims, there are many other hybrid robotic vacuums in the market. Here is an informative article about how to choose a robotic floor cleaner. May the (Suction) Force be with you!