Ring X from Spark Innovators is a pumice stone on a stick that they claim will deep clean your toilet bowl without scratching it. They promise Ring X contains no harsh chemicals, will remove rust stains, and is safer and more effective than leading toilet cleaner brands.

How does Ring X work to clean my toilet?

Ring X is essentially a block of pumice, or powered volcanic rock. Pumice is an abrasive commonly used in cosmetics as well as in construction to make light concrete blocks; it’s also a great soil aerator for gardening. 

Ring X says it harnesses the power of this light, dense material by putting it on a handle so you can use to scrub your porcelain clean. To use Ring X, you simply scrub against the offending toilet ring, rust, or dirt accumulated on your porcelain or tile surface. They insist you need add nothing more than elbow grease and in a few minutes your toilet bowl will be shiny and sparkly clean enough for you to eat out of (not recommended). 

Is pumice safe for cleaning my toilet bowl?

Some people worry that pumice because it is a stone will damage a porcelain surface but in fact pumice is softer than porcelain. While you can safely use on your toilet bowl or on tile, caution is advised when using pumice stones on newer sinks or tubs. These may be made from fiberglass or other plastics and could be scratched by Ring X or other pumice stone. (If you’re not sure, you may want to test in an inconspicuous area first.)

How much does Ring X cost me?

Ring X is sold in sets of 2 and has a double offer, which means you will get 4 Ring Xs. While they state it’s only $10 for the first set and the second is free, they add $6.99 in shipping and handling for both the first Ring X set and the 2nd making the true total $23.98 for 4.

Ring X Refund Information

Ring X customer service: 866-322-6481.

Ring X comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling, which means even if you send them back they will keep $13.98.

Bottom Line: Is Ring X a good way to clean my toilet?

Getting a toilet bowl clean can be a pain, and the promise of doing it without any chemicals is appealing so we can see why you may want to try Ring X. However, Ring X’s only notable innovation over a regular pumice stone is the handle. This may make it easier to grip so you don’t have to wear gloves, but is it worth it? A single pumice stone runs from $1-$5 and will last you quite a long time, and with this offer you have to buy 4 Ring Xs and spend more than $20.

In other words, Ring X will work as advertised, but there are cheaper ways of cleaning your toilet bowl.

Alternatives to Ring X

As we mentioned, you can find an ordinary pumice stone sans handle online for a few bucks. Or, if you don’t like scrubbing and still don’t want to use harsh chemicals you can try this trick: scoop out the water in the toilet bowl and fill it with white vinegar instead. Then, soak paper towels in the vinegar and place around the rim. Let stay overnight. You can find more detailed instructions here or try adding a little baking soda for a faster experience.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Ring X. Let us know what you think – or give us your toilet cleaning tip – below!

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