RestRX is an anti-snore device worn around the chin that the sellers insist will stop your snoring, thereby letting you and your bed partner sleep through the night. The result of this, they state, will be increased intimacy, a more harmonious family, and a healthier lifestyle.

How To Stop Snoring

Before we get to RestRX, we thought we would first of all discuss a few methods that may be able to help you get some (quiet) Zzzzs without spending $$$. These include:

  1. Lose weight! We’re not trying to be mean, but the main reason people snore is because the excess poundage around your face and neck is a strain on your breathing apparatus. Losing weight has been shown to greatly diminish snoring.
  2. Stop smoking! Studies have shown if you smoke, the more likely you are to snore. (It’s also very bad for your health, duh.)
  3. Stop drinking alcohol before bedtime. Yes we know we’re starting to sound like your mom, but studies have also shown having a few drinks before beddie bye can make you 4 times more likely to snore; this is because alcohol tends to relax our muscles even more than normal.
  4. Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back potentially causes more blockage of your windpipe because the relaxed muscles, including your tongue, fall against it. The resulting vibration of the soft palate is what causes the unpleasant sound. Here’s a nifty trick to get you to sleep on your side: duct tape a couple of tennis balls to the front and back of your pajamas, forcing you turn on your side, even if asleep.

Other Snoring Remedies

Ok, now that we’ve explored some free ways to quit snoring (ok, maybe you have to buy the tennis balls and tape) here are some of the most common snore remedies you have to pay for.

Basically, these include special pillows designed to adjust the neck, mouthpieces to change your bite, sprays which reduce vibration, and, finally, straps to adjust your jaw. Each method has their pros and cons: mouthpieces can be bulky, sprays have to keep being bought, straps can be uncomfortable, and anti-snore pillows just don’t seem to work.

RestRX Cost…

At least $29.94 for 2 RestRXs (sold as $19.99 plus $9.99 S&H). However, if you want to upgrade to the Deluxe RestRX, which they claim is more breathable and durable and comes with a 1-year warranty, you have to check the box which adds $10 for each strap, making the total $49.94.

Otherwise, you only have the standard 30-day money back guarantee, minus S&H.

Bottom Line: Will RestRX Stop My Snoring?

We couldn’t find any reliable reviews about RestRX from real customers; however, generally speaking anti-snore chin strap devices have an average of 3-star ratings on Amazon. That means to us that these devices seem to work for some people, but no one is raving about them.

An important thing to note about RestRX and any chin strap device is you should not wear them if you have sleep apnea, a dangerous condition where a person stops breathing in the middle of the night. 

Our best advice is to first see a doctor about your snoring and/or follow the “free” steps above. Anti-snore mouthpieces have been clinically proven to reduce snoring, and we’ve personally experienced relief from this anti-snore spray

A chin strap like RestRX, may be a less expensive, less intrusive option but it will cost you at least $9.95 in non-refundable fees to try and see if it does indeed work for you.

Let us know your experience with RestRX below!