Repelify from Telebrands is a detergent product that says it will fortify your clothing to repel stains. They claim if you put a capful into your washing machine with your laundry it will create a protective shield on your clothing, which will make it impervious to future messes from wine, soda, ketchup, and more!

What the Heck is in Repelify to Make it Repel Stains?

They don’t specifically list what’s in Repelify except to state it’s a superhydrophobic surface, meaning essentially that it is very difficult to get wet. In nature, an example is the lotus leaf, which has microscopic hairs on its surface, preventing the larger water molecules to penetrate; the result is water beads that literally roll off.

In the 1960s, they took this concept and applied it to fabrics (Gore-Tex being the first) and since then the technology has spread to industrial applications and finally to consumer use in aerosol products like Mighty Gard and Wet Block HD. Essentially, there is a very tiny coating that causes the water to be unable to penetrate. This results in some unusual physics where the water is both suspended in air, yet still touching the surface. 

Consumer reaction to these products have been mixed. A lot of people note that it is a good party trick and works well when sprayed on certain surfaces. It can also cause discoloration (due to the nanoparticles) and some who have tried them say the coating eventually rubs off.

How Does Repelify Work?

Instead of being in an aerosol or spray bottle, Repelify claims to work in liquid form just by pouring in capful in the washing machine with your clothes. They promise it will attach to cottons, wools, poly blends and more making it almost impossible to penetrate. To use Repelify, they instruct you to add it to the wash and then put it in the dryer. They promise afterwards that Repelify’s protective seal will last up to 20 washes.

What Will Repelify Cost Me Per Bottle?

Repelify sells on the Telebrands website for $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling for a total of $25.98 and includes a Sticky Buddy Lint Remover. If you would like an additional bottle and Sticky Buddy you can add $9.99 in fees for a total of $34.97.

While they state there is a 30-day money back guarantee on the website and infomercial, the fine print on Telebrands website states that consumable products like Repelify are only eligible for a refund if a) they are unopened and b) you include a written “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning it.

Bottom Line: Will Repelify Coat My Clothing and Protect them from Stains?

As we mentioned at the top, the technology behind superhydrophobic products are exciting yet its practical uses are still in their infancy.  

We couldn’t find any specific reviews of Repelify as the product appears to be brand new when we wrote this (June 2015). 

The website Gizmodo did a testing of a product called NeverWet – an aerosol – that they sprayed on a variety substances, including clothing, a sponge, a thumb drive, and even a corn chip. Their impression was that while NeverWet generally tended to work (salsa even slid off the chip), it took a lot of product, the coating quickly crumbled within 10 minutes, and also left clothing with a milky-white coating.

Will Repelify, poured into a washing machine instead of sprayed onto a product work any better? 

We’d like to point out that Telebrands is an “As Seen On TV” company. These types of products hyped in infomercials generally speaking tend to disappoint consumers (Telebrands currently has a D rating from the BBB and a pending lawsuit with the state of New Jersey for violating their consumer fraud act). 

What we would suggest if this product does tempt you is:

a) Wait until it’s available at your local retailer (Telebrands actually makes 90% of their sales in stores, not via the telephone or website). This will save you money on shipping fees and long wait times for it to come in the mail. 

b) Keep your expectations low. As we showed, products like these tend to work but seem to lose their effectiveness pretty quickly. Remember, you won’t get your money back and it will cost you at least $19.99.

Please let us know your experience with Repelify. Did it work as they promised it would or was it JUNK?

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