Relaxphin is an herbal supplement that the sellers promise is natural and will help you beat stress as well as boost your mood. They claim with a regular regimen of Relaxphin, you will be calmer, have better self-esteem, be more “in the moment,” and able to enjoy time with friends and family.

How Relaxphin Works

Relaxphin is said to be formulated with ingredients that include Ashwagandha Root (which they say is a traditional African medicine), GABA (a chemical found in our brains said to relieve anxiety), and Dimethylaminoethanol aka Deanol (a neurotransmitter for brain communication). However, we could find no supporting medical evidence that these ingredients do what they say. In fact, when we checked the links Relaxphin has on their website to studies they say prove its effectiveness, they were not working.

To use Relaxphin, they say it’s as simple as 1) taking the pill 2) letting it work and 3) enjoying your life. They insist it’s not habit-forming and you will be as happy and stress-free as the people pictured in their ad. 

Relaxphin Cost:

Relaxphin has several different pricing packages. The default is listed as Buy 3 Bottles Get 2 Free at $29.95 per bottle – total: $89.85. Or you can choose 2 + 1 Free at $32.95 per bottle – total: $65.90. You can also opt for 1 bottle at $39.95.

Whatever you do, the fine print reveals you will also be enrolled in an auto-ship program, where you will be billed and mailed products every time you run out. Although they promise on the order page that you have 60 days to cancel, the Terms and Conditions tell a different story: you have 30 days from date of order to cancel and can only return one unopened bottle. You are also responsible for payment for any other bottles shipped or delivered.

Bottom Line: Is Relaxphin a Good Way To Reduce Stress?

No. This is because a) its ingredients are unproven b) it’s expensive and c) its sneaky auto-ship and return policies may cause stress and anxiety in and of themselves.

On top of that supplements like these are not evaluated by the FDA and without an independent lab analyzing their contents, you never know what you are really getting. A recent investigation by the NY Attorney General found many supplements sold by Target, Wal-Mart and even GNC do not contain what they say on the label.  

So what can you do to reduce stress? Here are a few tips that don’t involve any supplements.

1) Breathe. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives, we need to take a moment and calm with deep breaths. The American Institute of Stress considers it the number one way to relax: breathing lowers blood pressure, your heart beats slower, and your muscles relax. 

2) Put away the smartphone and/or Facebook. Smartphone usage has been linked to stress and “Facebook envy” of other people’s lives has been shown to cause depressed feelings. Obviously, it’s difficult to disconnect completely, but setting aside some time every day without any digital distractions can help reduce anxiety and help you live in the present moment as good as or better than any pill.

3) Learn how to meditate. Meditation allows for quiet moments of inner reflection, which have been shown to treat high blood pressure. Daily meditation also gives you a routine where you have a calm, safe space and studies have suggested it may even alter the brain’s neural pathways.

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