RealDose Nutrition is company that promises they sell weight loss supplements that contain the right ingredients at the clinical dose. They state they only sell supplements backed by science that touted by a real doctor and claim if you take them as directed, you will live a happier and healthier life.

How RealDose Nutrition Works

RealDose Nutrition’s main pitch is that all the ingredients in each of its supplements have been scientifically studied and that they use the same (“real”) doses as the clinical trials. They also have Dr. Steven Sisskind (aka “Dr. Steve”) as its co-founder and chief medical officer.

Currently, RealDose Nutrition sells 4 products, but their flagship supplement appears to be Weight Loss Formula No. 1, which they say contains 2 separate ingredients that have been proven to double weight loss vs. diet and exercise alone.

The first is what they claim is a patented blend of Piper Betle leaf and Dolichos Biflorus seed, which they state both increases adiponectin, a hormone that burns body fat and reduces ghrelin levels, said to make us hungry. Indeed, they point to a clinical study that seems to show participants who took it lost more weight than those taking a placebo. However, it should be noted that this study was only conducted with 50 people, included a diet and exercise plan, and was sponsored by a supplement company located in India

The second main ingredient is a patented green coffee bean extract from Madagascar. Green coffee extract was touted as a “miracle” weight loss ingredient by Dr. Oz on his TV show, who cited a clinical study showing it helped women lose 18 lbs. without exercise. However, that study was retracted and Dr. Oz later admitted he was wrong about the supplement. RealDose Nutrition points 2 different studies, but one was sponsored by a company that had a commercial interest in the ingredient and the other, while claiming to be unbiased, only included 12 people. (For more information, read our article about How To Read a Clinical Study.)

RealDose Nutrition Costs:

Prices vary for the different supplements depending on how you buy them, but Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is sold in 30-day ($67), 60-day ($179), and 180-day ($327). 

All RealDose Nutrition products come with free shipping and a 365-day “You Must Be Thrilled” guarantee or they will return your money, no questions asked.

Bottom Line: Is RealDose Nutrition a Scam?

We appreciate the efforts of RealDose Nutrition to make sure their customers are satisfied by offering a full one-year money-back guarantee. We also like that they include a supplement label as well as clinical studies so you can make up your own mind. RealDose Nutrition also has a squeaky-clean A+ rating from the BBB

Reviews about RealDose Nutrition products from actual consumers are decidedly mixed; those that love it claim these products helped them lose pounds and those that don’t say it did nothing at all. 

All of their products are sold along with the recommendation of eating a healthy diet and daily exercise, so those that follow this regimen may just be losing weight from that.

And, while they claim their products are verified pure by an independent third-party lab, they do not disclose its name. We at BrightReviews recommend only buying supplements from companies that have the US Pharmacopeia (USP) Seal. USP is a non-profit laboratory that ensures what they say is on the label is actually inside the bottle. You can find the companies that have the USP Seal here. (RealDose Nutrition is not on this list.)

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