The Rainbow Mist Sprinkler is an attachment to your garden hose they say replaces other sprinklers which they claim can be too powerful or wasteful. Instead, Rainbow Mist Sprinkler says it uses “hydraulic technology” to not only gently mist plants, grass, or flowers, but will create a nighttime psychedelic light show to boot. But will it really save you 30% in water as they say?

There is no info about what company is behind Rainbow Mist. In fact, they are downright mist-erious!

The Pitch

Rainbow Mist Sprinkler shows the “dangers” of using an ordinary sprinkler on your plants or garden. They claim these other devices either over water or their heavy stream damages flowers or vegetables. They suggest Rainbow Mist is your solution, which appears to create a geyser of tiny water droplets that will rain down on your lawn. (They tout this will save you 30% over a traditional sprinkler, but they don’t say where or how they arrive at this number.)

An added feature of the Rainbow Mist Sprinkler appears its use for romantic nighttime interludes. The video shows a couple clicking champagne glasses as they watch the LEDs inside the Rainbow Mist light up to create a “dazzling” array of colors, which they say uses no electricity, batteries, or wires.

About Misting

Misting plants is great for indoors (but too much can cause mold) or greenhouses. Not so much for outdoor use, because the tiny water droplets tend to evaporate quickly before they can reach the roots and do any good for thirsty plants.

Rainbow Mist Sprinkler includes:

  • Rainbow Mist
  • Automatic shut off timer
  • Flexible hose (25 ft, extra fees)

Rainbow Mist Costs:

$27.94 ($19.95 plus $7.99 processing) for the Rainbow Mist Sprinkler and timer. If you would like the flexible hose (which looks suspiciously like the Pocket Hose or XHose) add another $7.99 in fees to your order. Remember, while they tout a 60 day money-back guarantee for Rainbow Mist, this does not include these handling fees (and what it costs you to ship it back).

Beware the Privacy Policy

Too many companies, including the one behind Rainbow Mist Sprinkler, have a very loose definition of “Privacy”. What this essentially means is they can use any and all information when you purchase (or even visit the website) however they see fit, including selling to “reputable” third parties who may spam you with emails or perhaps even call you on the telephone. You don’t really have any control over this, but they do give you a few ways to “opt-out”. It’s always a good idea to check the Privacy Policy of this (or any other) website before ordering online.

Bottom Line: Is Rainbow Mist a Scam?

There seems to be very little practical value for this product. As we mentioned, misting should only be used in small, enclosed areas and is never a substitute for watering a plant’s roots. And while the LED light show produced by the hydraulic power may indeed be “groovy”, we worry it will encourage water waste, especially if you pass out from drinking the champagne and forget to turn it off.