Rabbit TV Gold from Telebrands is a USB attachment to your computer that promises to give you access to over 50 years of free TV, movies, and more. Rabbit TV Gold boasts it links to over 25,000 full episodes from all the major networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and others as well as live-streaming sports, news, and full-length movies.

How does Rabbit TV Gold work to give me free movies and TV shows?

Rabbit TV is a USB device that contains a key allowing members access to the Rabbit TV website. The Rabbit TV website does not have any actual content, but rather links to databases of free movies, network streams, etc. all over the web and puts it in a sleek interface, similar to Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Rabbit TV is said to work with Windows and Mac computers or laptops that have an Internet connection. To use Rabbit TV Gold, they instruct you to plug it in, and register on the Rabbit TV Gold website. Once you log in to the home page, you will see a variety of television shows, movies, sports, etc. that are all available to watch with the click of your mouse. They add there are over 9,000 radio stations to choose from as well. If you want to use a smart TV or smartphone, there is a Rabbit TV Plus app that connects to these devices as well.

How much does Rabbit TV Gold to buy?

Rabbit TV Gold sells online for $10 per year, which you can buy in 1 year, 3 year, or 5 years. This appears to include shipping. Rabbit TV Gold also has a Family Plan that includes 5 Rabbit TV Gold USBs for $30 a year (and can also be purchased for multiple years).

Rabbit TV Gold Support

Rabbit TV Gold does come with an extensive, user-friendly customer support page at http://support.rabbittvgo.com/Main/ with a knowledgebase, forum, latest news, and live chat. We checked out the live chat feature and were connected to a representative within seconds.

Rabbit TV Guarantee and Refund Info

Telebrands Customer Service: 855-668-1655

Telebrands offers a 30-day money back guarantee for Rabbit TV Gold, but you must pay to ship it back to them and include a “detailed” written explanation as to why you are returning it.

Bottom Line: Is Rabbit TV Gold a great way to get free cable or watch stuff online?

“Cutting the cord” (meaning getting rid of a cable or satellite subscription) is a very popular concept these days, and there are a head-spinning variety of ways to connect with your favorite channels, television programs, sports, and movies without using the traditional providers. However, it should be noted that Rabbit TV Gold is not going to give you free cable TV.

Rabbit TV Gold Customer Reviews

Rabbit TV Gold gets a lot of positive reviews for its ease of use and design. Here is a YouTube review showing a user signing up in seconds and easily accessing and streaming a variety of different shows and movies.

But the biggest complaint about Rabbit TV Gold, according to a review on Amazon.com, “all of this content is already available for free.” Rabbit TV Gold is essentially a fancy looking version of Google. If you know how to use a search engine, you can likely find all the content included on Rabbit TV Gold without it.

But for those that aren’t so tech savvy and don’t want to constantly be searching for new stuff to watch, Rabbit TV Gold appears to make the process as easy as using Netflix. To reiterate:

Rabbit TV Gold Pros

  • Simple user interface
  • Good tech support
  • Site constantly updating and upgrading
  • Inexpensive at $10/year

Rabbit TV Gold Cons

  • Content available for free without device
  • Costs you $10 a year for something that is free

Alternatives to Rabbit TV Gold

Although there are a whole slew of new hardware and software designed to help you cut the cord, we’ll just give you a couple will potentially entertain you for hours.

The Moving Image Archive contains free movies, music, films and videos all sorts of genres and has a user-friendly interface.

About.com has compiled 15 of the best sources for free tv and movies online.

Good luck and let us know your experience with Rabbit TV Gold below!