Purrfect Arch is a self-grooming, massage device, and toy for cats. It is basically a large bristle brush bent in the shape of an upside-down U they say cats will love to rub themselves against; it probably doesn’t hurt that there’s catnip embedded in the carpet base. They promise it will remove shedding and keep you cat entertained for hours.

Perfect Arch is brought to you by Allstar Products Group, the folks that brought you the Perfect Bacon Bowl, the Topsy-Turvey planter, and, of course, the Snuggie. They have an A- rating from the BBB.

The Purrfect Arch Pitch

Purrfect Arch is primarily targeted at women who love cats but are too busy or don’t like to brush them because of all the messy fur. They also refer to the cats as “she” or “her” – reverse sexism? They show various cats rubbing up against the bristles and they claim the cat will keep coming back for more.

How Purrfect Arch Works

Purrfect Arch has a wooden base that’s covered in carpet and has a U-shaped bristle brush of unknown size mounted on top. There is also a small compartment on the underside to put in catnip they say will encourage kitty to scratch and play.

They claim cats like to naturally rub against things and Purrfect Arch will serve that, ahem, purrpose. They say the base has rubberized feet so it won’t slip and that the brush is durable and will deep clean your cat’s coat.

Purrfect Arch Will Cost You:

$19.95 plus $8.95 P&H for 2 Purrfect Arches and 2 bags of catnip for a total of $28.90. They promise you a shipping rebate if you register for the Perfect Saver, which appears to be a company that will start sending you coupons. Even if you don’t sign up for that, Allstar Products can still send you solicitations or give your info to third parties, courtesy of their privacy policy.

You have 30 days to try your Purrfect Arches. If kitty doesn’t play all day and “she’s” still covered in clumps of fur (or whatever reason) return for a refund, minus any shipping fees incurred.

Bottom Line: Is Purrfect Arch a Scam?

Cats are notoriously finicky creatures, so your feline may or may not take to Purrfect Arch. We’re not sure how big it is but are assuming it’s for a standard-sized cat – one too hefty might get stuck in the arch.

Tell us what you think of Purrfect Arch – is fine for a feline or a CAT-astrophe? Let us know below!