PressTastic is a portable handheld garment steamer that the makers insist will let you get rid of wrinkles while your clothes are still on the hanger. They tout it’s a combo ironing board and steam iron in one and perfect for touchups to your wardrobe whether at home or on the road.

How PressTastic Works

PressTastic says its secret is the 5 pressure steam ports on the face of the device. It also comes with a detachable crease plate and fabric brush. To use PressTastic, fill with water, plug it in and let it heat up. Then, they claim you can press the steam button to safely steam all types of clothing and it won’t damage buttons or beads.

You can also attach the crease plate to press shirts and pants or the fabric brush for velvet or velour all without using an ironing board. They state you will never leave the house with wrinkly clothing again.

PressTastic Price

$33.93 for 2 PressTastics which includes 2 measuring cups, 2 crease plates, and 2 fabric brushes. This is pitched on the website and infomercial as $19.99 plus P&H and if you buy one you get one free. However, a closer examination reveals that they charge you $6.99 in fees for the first PressTastic and then another $6.99 for the second.

There is no warranty, return information, or customer service number available for PressTastic.

Bottom Line: PressTastic a Scam?

Ironing clothes can be a pain in the butt, and PressTastic seems like a promising solution for wrinkle woes, especially for those busy folks on the go. But there are a couple of things we should point out.

First and foremost, not only is there no return or warranty information about PressTastic, there is also no way to phone or email them should you have any problems with it or your order.

On top of that, the Privacy Policy Page reveals that if you buy PressTastic they reserve the right to solicit you with other offers over the phone, in your email inbox, or via the US postal service. They may also give this information to “trusted” third parties. The only way to opt-out of this is through the information provided in each individual solicitation.

Finally, you have to order 2 PressTastics, which adds another $6.99 to your order even though they say it’s free. (See our article on Sneaky Pricing for more info.)

We have yet to see any customer reviews for this product, either. If PressTastic does indeed interest you, we suggest either waiting until it is available from a big box retailer or until they post a phone number where you can contact them. Or, try searching around online for similar handheld steamers that have this information clearly listed.

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