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Dec 6, 2017 | | Brooklyn, CT

Product has nonstick coding that chips off! Do not buy! Unsafe for your family!!!! Company will not replace!!!!

Do Not Buy

Oct 16, 2017 | | NC

Cook times took longer than advertised. The meat came out stringy and dry. The parts seem poorly made/constructed; I've only used a few times but can see it breaking soon, to be honest.

If you buy from the website and are intrigued by the "$100 free groceries": do not be fooled! You get $100 worth of coupons for groceries (i.e. a coupon for $0.50 off 2pk of sponges will be fifty cents of your $100) ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Plus the coupons expire in about 2 weeks and I think they need to be mailed out traditional mail.

It can take up to 17 minutes to pressurize so add that to your cook time. Do you want wings in 10 minutes? Nope. More like 27. Just saying.

Do not buy!

Oct 4, 2017 | | California

Coating on insert chips off into your food after a few uses. The company does not care. Terrible service, I will never purchase from infomercial again.

Junk, do not buy.

Sep 21, 2017 | | California

This was a terrible product. My husband and I spent a lot of money on this. At first, we were very happy with it until it broke only months later. I immediately reached out to the company but did not hear back. After about 2 weeks I attempted to reach out again.

The customer service agent at Power Pressure Cooker said since we purchased our item at a retailer we would have to go directly to them. I am astonished that the manufacturer would not stand behind their product. I was not asking for a completely new pressure cooker, ONLY the lid which had broke. We did not drop it or damage it. Once I expressed my frustration with the agent they suggested I buy a new lid. Terrible customer service and even worse product. Do not buy from Power Pressure Cooker.

Good results

Sep 18, 2017 | | NC

Just used this item for the 1st time. Made ribs in it and they turned out better than I expected. Can't wait to try other recipes.

Food stinks and tastes like chemicals

Sep 16, 2017 | | Lucerne Valley, CA

I have attempted to use this 10-quart pressure cooker five times.

1. Three whole chickens. The meat didn't cook as quickly as advertised and it tasted like chemicals.

2. Pork Roast. The meat didn't cook as quickly as advertised and it tasted like chemicals.

3. 6 pounds of Pork Ribs. Again cooking took more time than advertised and it tasted like chemicals.

4. 6 Pound Beef Roast and vegetables. Still tasted like chemicals but not as bad.

5 Cooked thick Pork Chops. Still took longer to cook than advertised and it tasted like chemicals. This time the chemical taste was just horrible. Had to throw out the food.

I've thoroughly cleaned this pressure cooker every time I've used it. Cleaning never got rid of the chemical taste. Yesterday after I finished cleaning the pressure cooker, I noticed a small metal part had fallen out of a hole in the handle. It is obvious something fell off or broke off that keeps that metal part attached. Couldn't find the part that keeps this piece in place. I'm afraid we might have eaten it.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone buy this lousy product. There should be a Class Action lawsuit to punish this company for false advertising and producing a horrible product. I also worry that the chemical might be poisonous to humans.

Power pressure cooker XL - Love It

Aug 28, 2017 | | Phoenix, AZ

Received this for Christmas and it has done the job well. From corned beef roasts, meat and potatoes, Hawaiian chicken etc... has worked every time. Read the other reviews and have not experienced the issues the other folks have had.

Love this Pressure Cooker.

Aug 16, 2017 | | Akron, Ohio

I've had this cooker for about two years. I love it! In fact, I bought more for Christmas 2015. My first results were not good. I thought about the Pressure Cooker I've used in the past on the stove and what the directions said to do. If you cook meat, you have to let the pressure drop of it's own accord. Once I started doing that with the XL everything was perfect.

Soups and vegetables can have pressure reduced right away. I've made perfect chili that friends constantly request. My roasted chicken and especially wings are awesome! I love that I can put in all my ingredients, close it up, start it and walk away. When I come back and find the pressure is gone, it's ready to eat.

Power Pressure Cooker XL not worth the money

Aug 8, 2017 | | London

I bought the XL Pressure Cooker a year and a half ago. Fantastic for stocks, etc. It's now stopped working, I phoned the customer service number on the leaflet. Absolutely useless, said someone would call me, still nothing. Not worth £99.

Non stick - NOT

Aug 8, 2017 | | California

I love the quickness of cooking with the pressure cooker. Food is always good, but food sticks on the bottom. Chicken with water for stock shouldn't stick. Pasta, rice, tomato sauce... stick. I soak for two days and hard to clean with instructed rubber/nylon brush or scrubber. I sent back one for replacement a year ago and the "replacement" has been just as bad. I've held on to it because it helps speed up dinner. I just wish it was truly non stick. Too expensive to keep returning units.

Customer service is dreadful. They read from script and don't care about keeping customers. I'm sure they have many customers to keep them busy. Company making plenty money. I wish they would make a TRUE non stick cooker.

It's Amazing!

Jul 25, 2017 | | Virginia

I received mine for Christmas, and it is now one of the main things I cook with - no matter what I am making. For everyone saying the food that comes out of it is horrible - is that REALLY the device's fault? I think not. Do you also blame your oven for messed up food?

Seriously, if you don't know how to cook in the first place, nothing on earth is going to magically turn you into a chef. HOWEVER - if you can cook and can use some basic common sense (and seasonings) - then this thing really is amazing. I have made stews, soups, roasts, perfect rice, desserts, seafood, pasta, the list goes on and on. I haven't had one single complaint. There were two things that didn't turn out to our liking, and both were a result of trial and error and definitely were not the PPXL's fault by any stretch of the imagination. One was frozen pork that I should have left in 10 minutes longer so that it was more tender, the other was pasta that I should have cut the cooking time on. I learned my lesson on both and guess what? Never happened again.

Every time I cook with this thing, I say how much I love it. It cuts time, mess, and I love coming up with new ways to use it. If you are having problems with your recipes, learn how to use it. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that can help you.

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