Power Multi Cooker from Fusion Life Brands and sold by Tri-Star Products is a piece of cooking equipment that claims to be state of the art and do your thinking and cooking for you. They tout the Power Multi-Cooker is a slow cooking device that allows you to prep dinners in one minute, push one button, and cook an entire meal in one pot.

What is a multi-cooker and how does Power Multi Cooker claim to be different?

A multi-cooker is a type of device (usually in the form of an electric pot with a lid) sold by many companies that promise to allow you to cook a wide variety of foods with little fuss. These devices usually have some kind of digital interface and allow for roasting, baking, steaming, frying, Some of these also include a pressure cooker, a way of using steam pressure to cook foods more rapidly.

Power Multi Cooker does not appear to have a pressure cooking function (they don’t use the words “pressure cooker” on the website or in the infomercial). What they do promise is that you can cook delicious pulled pork, fluffy rice, bake a cake, steam veggies and even make yogurt or using the same pan (although it is not advised to try this at the same time).

Power Multi-Cooker’s main claim to fame is what they call a state-of-the-art intelligent cooking sensor that automatically adjusts according to what’s inside. To use the Power Multi-Cooker, they instruct you to follow one of the recipes included with your purchase. Although they claim it does the thinking and cooking for you, it’s not a “smart” device like the June Intelligent Oven aspires to be.

Other features said to be included with the Power Multi-Cooker are a removable inner lid, a self locking top, a removable cord, a non-stick aluminum pot inside that can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher, and a timer that that can be programmed up to 12 hours in advance.

How much does the Power Multi Cooker cost to purchase?

Power Multi Cooker retails for either 1 payment of $59.97 or 3 payments of $19.99 plus $14.99 for a total of $74.96.

Power Multi Cooker comes with:

  • Power Multi Cooker (no size given but said to be able to fit 3 whole chickens)
  • Cathy Mitchell Recipe book with 50 recipes
  • Steam Rack
  • Power Chopper
  • Lifetime Membership to Recipe Website

Can I return Power Multi Cooker for my money back?

Yes. Power Multi Cooker is said to come with a 60-day money back guarantee, minus the $14.99 in shipping and what it costs you to ship it back to them. There is no warranty listed for the Power Multi Cooker past the 60 days and when we called customer service, they had no further information.

Power Multi Cooker customer service number: 973-287-5147.

Bottom Line: Is Power Multi Cooker a great way to make all sorts of meals in my kitchen with the push of a button?

Generally speaking, multi cookers are a useful invention that some people (especially parents with large families) really love for their versatility and “wow” factor. Power Multi Cooker is still brand new so there were no customer reviews at the time of this writing.

However, there are a few important things you should remember. First and perhaps foremost is this is not a pressure cooker or machine with some sort of artificial intelligence. In fact, it seems to be a less expensive version of the Power Pressure Cooker XL also sold by Tristar/Fusion Brands; the Power Pressure Cooker XL starts at $99.99 or about $30 more and has the pressure cooker feature we discussed earlier. (They also have some upselling tactics we’re not too crazy about.)

Reviews of the Power Pressure Cooker XL are not so great – consumers on our website give it an average 2.5 star rating from over 120 reviews.

“DO NOT BUY” reads the headline to one, which states the Power Pressure Cooker XL does not cook the way they say it does. Other commenters complain of a lid that doesn’t close properly and lousy customer service that won’t let you return a defective item. One person mentions that even though it says it has a 6-quart capacity, you can only fill it 2/3 full, essentially making it a 4-quart machine.

On the other hand, others report their XL “works just dandy” and “has to be the best way to cook” and “the food was great”. Many of those most satisfied with their purchase say they bought it at a Bed Bath Beyond or other retail store instead of online.

CBS affiliate KWCH checked out the Pressure Cooker XL in its consumer segment they call “Does it Work?” They claim to have attempted to follow the directions to cook a pot roast with veggies in 25 minutes. However, they reported issues with the cooking time, which they said took at least 20 minutes more than promised, causing the carrots to overcook and break apart. They concluded it did work but with “limited success”.

So, will Power Multi Cooker get the same mixed-to-negative reviews from consumers? Likely, yes. Because it isn’t a pressure cooker, you will also have less versatility than the Pressure Cooker XL.

Since the Pressure Cooker XL is available at places like Walmart or Bed Bath Beyond, we assume so will the Power Multi Cooker. Therefore, if you are interested in Power Multi Cooker and understand its limitations, we suggest purchasing from there rather than the Tri-Star website.

Pressure Cooker vs. Multi Cooker vs. Slow Cooker: Which is the best?

There are a lot of choices available nowadays for people who have other things to do besides cook (or like the versatility of these types of gadgets).

Very basically speaking, a pressure cooker is the most expensive of these products and allows for caning and juicing amongst other nifty tricks. One of its biggest features is that the intense steam heat both locks in flavors and shortens cooking times. Good Housekeeping reviewed 4 of the best electric pressure cookers here.

A slow cooker (known in the old days as a Crock Pot) lets you simmer foods like chili or barbecued ribs all day so they are done when you get home – you can also make cider. Mmmm! You can shop for slow cookers at Williams Sonoma.

Then there’s the multi cooker (like Power Multi Cooker), which offers a variety of functions as mentioned above. Depending on how much you pay will determine what kind of features you get. Consumer Reports rated the KitchenAid Multi-Cooker as an appliance that lives up to many of its claims, although it does retail for $399.95.

We hope this helps you understand Power Multi Cooker and help you make a decision about it. Let us know your experience below!