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Lasted one and a half months.

Dec 5, 2017 | | Alderson, WV

I used it about six times and was pleased. Then I got an error message, so I called customer service and they were no help. I contacted the manufacturer, and after going back and forth, and sending them pictures of the error message with a copy of my receipt, they told me to see if Sams would exchange it. I could also pay to ship it to them with my receipt and a check for $19.99. Poor service. Sams told me that they would exchange it. I might just ask for my money back. Don't trust a company that won't stand behind its product.


Nov 13, 2017 | | Muldrow Oklahoma

How do you clean the oils out of the fryer? I have a difficult time scrubbing mine.

Unique Fryer

Nov 12, 2017 | | KC, MO

We got this item as a gift last Christmas. We enjoyed using it. It cooked the food quickly. The AirFryer XL just quit working after 11 months. For this reason, I would not recommend this product.


Sep 25, 2017 | | Phoenix

My wife bought me one for my birthday cause I have seen them on T.V., I had just been to a Doctor's in October for a check-up, and my cholesterol was over 250. Since October my stove has not been turned on or deep fryer either. In August my checkup showed my cholesterol was down to 147, never has it been that low. I don't fry anymore or use the oven. I even make cakes and brownies for my son in the air fryer, Minni pizzas, Van de Kamp's fish fillets are as good as Long John's, at a 10th of the price, AND NO OIL. Even the Pillsbury biscuits cook evenly and way better than in the oven.

In Arizona turning on the oven in Summer is crazy, but not with this unit, don't even notice it's on. When people have tried my wings (shake and bake coated, just add dry ranch dressing mix with it) I use the generic brand of Shake and Bake, the wings are to die for, super easy meatloaf in the pan, AWESOME. Chicken fried steak, just use shake and bake. Better than at a restaurant. No grease, lay Turkey bacon across of grated bottom, grease will fall through, and super crispy, Wow and I hated Turkey bacon, but with this, it is awesome.

Absolutely Great Appliance

Sep 4, 2017 | | Indianapolis, IN

I purchased my Power Air Fryer from the TV infomercial. I was absolutely afraid that I made a mistake, and quite frankly, it sat on my counter for about 4 months. I was thinking about returning it because I didn't use it anyway, but I decided I would try it out. I even lost the recipe book. I am being gut level honest here, that I tried making french fries and because of my inexperience, and because I really didn't follow directions, they tasted awful.

Now with that said, I decided to do something about things, and I went online and printed off some recipes. I was going to try this again. This time, I was very successful with the fried chicken and well, this has gotten me addicted to this great appliance. I will say absolutely nothing but praises. I am really still learning more about the Power AirFryer, and still getting recipes. I am not intimidated by this machine and not afraid to make some mistakes, learn and go on. Still, though, I wish I had not lost the recipe book. I definitely recommend this product, hands down.

Energy efficient and versatile - adding oil makes no difference.

Aug 26, 2017 | | Leeds

It was a toss-up between a mini oven and the Air Fryer. I was swayed by Chef AJ on YouTube as I am on a health kick cutting out oil, salt, sugar and processed items.

First of all, I see people saying they add a small amount of oil to the basket, although adding oil to the air fryer basket will make no difference. If you must use oil, toss the food in the oil before you put it in the basket, again if you're using so little oil why use it at all? I have had no problems with removing and inserting the basket, they must have improved the design or something?

The fryer uses very little energy compared to using the big oven, as a comparison, I bought a watt meter, for a large jacket potato (no oil or salt), 165c for 60 mins measured 0.3Kw. The large oven would have taken 30 mins to preheat before cooking the potato. 1 large jacket cut into chips (no oil or salt), 0.2Kw @ 20 mins at 200c.

Aftercare: I understand corrosive agents should be avoided when cleaning the basket and pan. Although the basket is dishwasher safe the plastic pan is hand wash only. If you wash it every time it only takes a few seconds in the sink. The casing should be cleaned with a warm damp cloth only - no detergents.

Extra checks I do is check the cavity for debris wiping out with a damp cloth, the heating element is in the upper part of the cavity, I check the element is clean, wiping with a damp cloth if needed.

We love it here

Jul 31, 2017 | | Harlan, KY

We love our unit. We've cooked everything from meatballs to pork chops to fried chicken. As a family riddled with High Blood Pressure anything that allows us to remove oil from cooking is a god send.

No, it doesn't taste exactly the same as if it was fried, but the texture is very similar. You can get that 'crunchy' fried exterior without any of the greasiness you'd normally find. Great for things like frozen fries, chicken nuggets, and other pre fried frozen foods as well. They already contain the grease flavor from being precooked, and heating them with the air fryer doesn't take away from that at all in my opinion.

Also amazing for pan-searing or pan-frying foods. Just take some chicken, apply your herbs of choice, set it in and let it go. No grease, no oil, no butter, and you end with a nicely browned perfectly delicious piece of meat. Every bit as good as doing it on the stove top with half the issues.

As for the handle issue. Yes, our handle is a bit faulty. But we have found if you are careful and don't overload the fryer then it's not an issue you will ever discover. The only time it acted up was roasting a whole chicken, which came out delicious.

Broken handle

Jul 25, 2017 | | Stevens Point, WI

After using the fryer less than 10 times, the plastic within the handle on the fryer basket broke. When I pulled the basket out the handle could not support the weight of the basket (10 chicken wing pieces), and I could have severely burned my hand trying to keep the contents from falling out. Unit was less than one year old.

Tried contacting the manufacturer, they would not stand behind their product. I ended up fixing it myself with JB Weld. While it does do a good job of cooking, the manufacturer would not stand behind its product despite the possible safety hazard.

Liked it a lot. Easy clean up!

Jun 13, 2017 | | Manchester, NH

I have cooked pizza bites and onion rings and they came out great. I have also cooked hamburger patties and they came out great too but the house filled up with smoke. Is this supposed to happen?

Everything Tastes Like Burnt Plastic

May 31, 2017 | | Reno, Nevada

We received this as a gift and have used it two nights in a row. The cooking abilities seem fine so far, but the house is filled with the stench of burning plastic - to the point of needing to open the windows. The food also tastes of burnt plastic. The unit will be shipped back today. I agree - a scam. I just really hope we don't get sick from using it twice.

Can't Understand Why the Difference

May 29, 2017 | | Randallstown, MD

I've written a review previously. My experience with the Power AirFryer XL 5.3 qt and 3.4 qt is so different from some others. I LOVE it. I wish this site facilitated the use of pictures so I can show off my food. I have yet to be disappointed. I bought mine from Tristar directly. I've had no problem with the basket not going back in, paint chipping or food not looking, or tasting good. You don't have to follow the recipes in the book. Make things you ordinarily make and just adjust time and temp. There are AirFryer groups on Facebook that offer recipes, tips, pictures, etc. Pintrest and Google searches also have 100s of recipes.

A friend bought the 3.4 qt. from Bed, Bath & Beyond and she has fallen in love with it as well. She's made steaks, pork chops, apple pie empanadas. She's had no problem with the basket not going back in. I don't know why other people are having such a problem.

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