Pot Saver is the name they give this cooking timer that they say attaches to any pot handle and will help prevent you from burning food or cookware. They state using Pot Saver will allow you to multitask and not loom over your stovetop and when your food is ready the alarm will sound.

How Pot Saver Works

Pot Saver is a countdown timer with an LED face and a silicon loop on the bottom they claim is heat proof and stretches to fit and grip any handle. To use Pot Savers, they instruct you to set the timer, pressing the minute or second button until the appropriate time comes up. Then, slide the Pot Saver on to each pot or pan handle, start the timer and go ahead and multitask away – when time’s up and your food is cooked, the alarm will sound.

They promise Pot Saver will indeed both save your pot from burning and save you time as you won’t need to scrub off the blackened mess. 

Pot Saver Costs:

$16.94 ($9.99 list price plus $6.95 shipping) for one; however, the default option is 2 for $23.89 (another $6.95 in shipping is tacked on). Unless you uncheck the box before ordering, you will get 2 Pot Savers and be charged accordingly.

Pot Savers comes with a 30-day money back guarantee minus those shipping charges and what it costs you to send it back.

Bottom Line: Is Pot Saver a “Hot” Idea?

Pot Saver promises it will help you cook several foods at once in different pans with different cooking times. They say the timer that comes with your stove isn’t enough and that may be true. However, we’d like to point out a couple of things.

First, what kind of batteries do they take? (Pot Savers comes with a battery, but is it replaceable?) Does the LED light up? (It doesn’t in the infomercial, which means it probably doesn’t in real life.) How loud is the alarm? (They don’t even play the alarm sound in the commercial.)

Because Pot Savers is so new, the website seems to be missing important customer service information, like a phone number. We suggest at least visiting their customer service page first and see if they added it yet. 

Also, we’d like to point out that, in spite of its name, Pot Saver will not fit on a pot; Pot Saver’s loop can only slid onto a pan handle. We also wonder how long it will keep its elasticity or if it will warp/melt from the heat.

Remember, while you may only have one timer on your stove, you probably have an egg timer in the cupboard somewhere. If you have a smartphone, there is a timer available on it as well. That makes 3 different timers potentially available to you right now without spending another penny.