Posture Fix from Tristar Products is a support brace you wear around your waist that the sellers say will correct your posture and align your spine so you don’t slouch and you’ll feel less pain. Posture Fix states you can wear over or under your clothes, that it fits any size or shape and lets you move freely so you can enjoy your life again.

How Posture Fix Works

Posture Fix is said to be made of Neo-Mesh Fabric, which provides breathability and is adjustable to fit anyone. Posture Fix has both a detachable lumbar plate and a double belt to target and localize compression.

To use Posture Fix, they instruct you to place around your waist. Then, adjust the second belt to add compression to your lower back and keep or remove the lumbar plate for further adjustments. 

They claim Posture Fix will instantly and automatically align your spine in the perfect position to allow you more movement and less pain. They add that an aligned spine can help relieve pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. 

Posture Fix states you can wear while sitting or standing, at work or at play on top of or underneath your clothes. However or wherever you wear it, Posture Fix exclaims you’ll be perfectly aligned and enjoying life pain-free.

Posture Fix Cost:

Posture Fix is sold as “Buy One Get One” for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping per belt, which translates to $35.97 for 2. 

Posture Fix comes with a 60-day money back guarantee minus the $15.98 in shipping fees and what it costs to return it.

Bottom Line: Is Posture Fix a Good Idea?

“Stand up straight, don’t slouch,” you probably heard your mother or father say a million times while growing up, but did you listen? Our guess is “no” if you’re considering a product like Posture Fix.

Tristar Products does have an A+ rating from the BBB in spite of 1012 complaints over the last 3 years (as of June 2015) – the BBB says this is because of the length of time Tristar has been operating and the prompt resolution to these complaints, which they state are relatively small to their size.

But is a lower back brace really a good idea for posture? First of all, most other posture braces we came across seem to be worn around the shoulders, not the waist (here’s a list of the best, at least according to 

Also, according to a question answered by Dr. Weill M.D., wearing a posture brace could weaken your muscles and limits your movement instead of improving posture. Instead, it is recommended that you stretch and exercise regularly. He suggests picking up Dr. Fulford’s Touch of Life, which has several exercise tips for better posture.

We’d also recommend checking out this post from the Physio Detective who gives tips on how to have good posture (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t pull your shoulders back!)

You should also check out: Top 10 Posture Mistakes and 17 Tips to Get Better Posture (Huffington Post). 

Let us know your experience with Posture Fix below!