Portion Controller is a belt you wear just above the belly button that the makers say will automatically control how much you eat, helping you shed lbs. This is because they claim the Portion Controller presses against the stomach in just the right spot that makes you feel full so you’ll naturally eat less and lose weight.

There is no specific information on the company behind Portion Controller. The website says Portion Controller was “scientifically designed,” but doesn’t say by whom. Is this pressure belt as effective as they promise? Let’s investigate, shall we?

The Portion Controller Pitch

This product is targeted at those people looking for an effective method of losing weight quickly without resorting to surgery or fad diets. The website exclaims: “You’ll Be Amazed at How Fast the Fat Falls Off” (try saying that 10x fast).

Portion Control says it’s scientifically proven to control hunger, and they point to a published study by Dr. Allan Geliebter from Columbia University Obesity Research Center in the American Journal of Physiology 1986. It states

“Application of two levels of moderate pressure to the epigastrium reduced spontaneous food intake. Garrow and Gardiner (8) observed that a nylon cord tied around the abdomen can prevent weight regain in patients after weight loss because the cord tightens when weight is gained. The cord may also reduce intake during individual meals by exerting extra-abdominal pressure as the stomach fills.” (You can read the full study here.)

How Portion Controller Works

Portion Controller is a flesh-colored belt with a bulge that presses against the stomach, sizes Small – X-Large, waists 26” – 72”. To use, they instruct to place on the abdomen exactly one index finger with above your belly on an empty stomach or 4 hours after a meal; they claim this is the “sweet spot” on your tummy that will stop you from eating too many sweets.

They promise this belt is not uncomfortable and the pressure will make you feel “pleasantly” full and instantly shrink the stomach cavity so you naturally won’t overeat. They say you can wear Portion Controller discreetly under your clothes but you should remove when showering or going to sleep.

They caution Portion Controller should never touch the ribcage and if it’s riding up to attach the support belt. They recommend adjusting and tightening the belt every morning and assure you that you will start losing pounds and inches “in no time,” but fail to offer a specific timetable.

Portion Controller Costs:

$85.85 – we’re sorry if that made you spit out your Cheetos, but this does include free shipping. You can also opt for 3 “easy” payments of $29.95 plus $7.99 shipping for a grand total of $97.84. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, minus any S&H and what it costs you to ship back.

Bottom Line: Is Portion Controller a Scam?

Portion control can be a good, natural way to lose weight, if you can learn to do it correctly and not go on binges. Putting pressure on the stomach so you eat less may indeed have a (little) bit of “science” behind it, but this belt seems like a pretty expensive investment even with the free shipping.

Right now Portion Controller has an image problem, as its infomercial is a big joke on the ObesityHelp forum, the very people that may need it most. By contrast, the Portion Control website has only 5 “Success Stories” which consists only of a first name, last initial, and no pictures.

In addition, the models shown wearing the belt could hardly be considered obese, if overweight at all. We question if the Portion Controller would even be felt by someone who had a truly large stomach.

Before plunking down money on Portion Controller, we suggest trying to limit what you eat and how much by reading these helpful articles:

We hope this helps! Let us know what you think about the Portion Controller Belt below.