Pocket Jump from Telebrands is a compact recharging device that they claim will jumpstart your dead car battery. They claim all you do is plug Pocket Jump into your 12-volt outlet, wait 10-15 minutes, and turn the ignition; they promise the formerly dead battery will come back to life and you didn’t even have to open the hood.

How Pocket Jump Works

Pocket Jump is a small red cylinder and comes with a charging adaptor that fits in your car’s 12-volt outlet; however specific size and weight were not available. To use Pocket Jump they instruct you to plug into the car outlet when your car battery conks out on you.

Then, they tell you to just sit in your car and wait 10-15 minutes as Pocket Jump sends a safe jolt of electricity to your battery. When the time is up, turn the engine over – they claim your car’s battery will be recharged and you can go on your way without having to call Triple A or get out the jumper cables. To recharge Pocket Jump, they say to keep it plugged in and reverse the switch; this way it will be ready for the next time you need a jump.

Pocket Jump Cost:

$27.98 (listed as $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H) for 1 Pocket Jump. If you’d like another, you can add it at checkout for an additional $9.99 in fees making the total $37.97 for 2.

Pocket Jump comes with a 30-day money back guarantee; however like all Telebrands products, you will not get any of the additional fees back. You must also include a “written, detailed explanation” with your returned Pocket Jump or they could nix the request.

Bottom Line: Is Pocket Jump a Scam?

A dead car battery is everybody’s nightmare, especially in the dead of winter, so the promise of Pocket Jump recharging it without having to get out of the car is very tempting.

We’d just like to point out to you that while the technology is indeed relatively new, there are many other companies selling lithium ion jumpstart batteries like Pocket Jump. These first generation devices are sleek and powerful, and usually have all sorts of extra features like USB charging ports or flashlights.

For example the Jumpr is a 7 oz. device the size of a Galaxy S5 with 6,000 mAh and 300 amps, which they say will start most 4 or 6 cylinder cars and lists for $89.99. One of the most popular batteries is the 2 lb. Antigravity, which has 400 amps, 12,000 mAh, can start a V-8, and lists for $159.95.

In the infomercial, Pocket Jump claims to start a Tucker Sno-Cat in the dead of winter. While that seems impressive, it should be noted that this is most likely a 4-cylinder machine.

Telebrands does not list the amps, volts, or mAh of Pocket Jump, which are important considerations for these batteries (as mentioned above, you need about 300 amps to start your average 4-cylinder). We could also not find another model that recharges the car battery from the inside in the manner that Pocket Jump does. While this may make it more convenient, it most likely means it doesn’t have or hold a lot of juice.

Also, because of its low list price compared to other, more heavy-duty lithium ion jumpstart batteries and the fact they don’t list its specs, it will probably only work with 4-cylinder vehicles.

Then again, Telebrands currently has an F rating from the BBB, due to advertising issues and over 1400 complaints in the last 3 years.

Let us know your experience with Pocket Jump – did it help you out in an emergency or did it leave you stranded?