Pocket Blower from Telebrands bills itself as the world’s smallest and most lightweight leaf blower you can buy. They tout it weighs under 2 pounds and can fit in a purse, yet at 80 mph they claim it’s strong enough to quickly clean up leaves and other messes.

Telebrands is a 30-year-old company that invented the “As Seen On TV” logo. They seem to specialize in products that look cool and useful at first glance, but… (keep reading for more info)

The Pocket Blower Pitch

This product is targeted at the homeowner looking for a better way to clean up around the yard or workshop. The infomercial tries to impress you with how easy it is to use by showing happy actors walking around with the Pocket Blower blasting debris, one while holding a coffee mug in his other hand. To show you how strong it is, they use Pocket Blower to push a blue bowling ball across the floor and gauge its wind tunnel at 86.8 mph.

How Pocket Blower Works

Pocket Blower is green with a black detachable nozzle and electrical power cord of unknown length. They state it is under 12-inches long, weighs less than 2 lbs. and appears to fit inside a large handbag with the black nozzle removed.

Telebrands boasts Pocket Blower contains a 13,000 RPM motor that delivers an 80 mph stream of air. They claim it’s as strong as an industrial blower and using it will save you time and money.

To use Pocket Blower, turn it on and point at leaves, sawdust, or anything else you like to clear away or collect for pickup. They say it’s strong enough to disperse dead leaves, yet gentle enough to not harm the living plants that surround them.

Pocket Blower Costs:

$47.98 listed as $39.99 plus $7.99 S&H. At the time of checkout you can add a flexible crevice extension for another $9.99. Telebrands products, including Pocket Blower, come with a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” which translates to your money back (minus S&H) if you return it, along with a written, detailed explanation as to why Power Blower didn’t work for you. You must also pay return shipping of the product back to Telebrands.

Bottom Line: Is Pocket Blower a Scam

Pocket Blower may indeed be the World’s Smallest Blower; however:

  • While 80 mph/13,000 RPM sounds like a lot, in comparison to other blowers we found in its price range, it seems relatively weak. Also, they don’t mention how many amps it has, another factor in power.
  • Telebrands recently (as of August 2014) had its accreditation removed from the Better Business Bureau and their company’s rating dropped from A- to F.
  • “As Seen On TV” products generally tend to disappoint.
  • Guinness could not be reached to verify the product’s “World’s Smallest” claims.

We think you should at least be aware of this info before you purchase Power Blower. Let us know what you think below!