Plumber’s Hero is an aerosol-based drain unclogging product that the manufacturers promise will save you money and time when it comes to stopped up sinks and toilets. They state each can of Plumber’s Hero contains enough formula for 20 uses and the ingredients contain no harmful acids or lyes.

But is Plumber’s Hero really going to blast out clogs like it does in the commercial? Let’s investigate a little bit further, shall we?

The Plumber’s Hero Pitch

Plumber’s Hero is pitched by Marc Gill, the bald, jubilant spokesman for Mighty Gard and other “As Seen On TV” products. Marc is very likeable and seems trustworthy as he demonstrates the power of Plumber’s Hero on a variety of fake drain clogs, set up in a studio with clear tubing so you can see it in action. Mac takes a can and the force of the ingredients appears to push through hair, food, and other gunk jammed into the tube and splash against the wall of the receptacle. To show you how easy it is, he even has his own mother use Plumber’s hero to unclog a drain.

How Plumber’s Hero Works

Plumber’s Hero comes in an aerosol spray can of unknown size, although they promise you can use it 20 times and it has a shelf life of 10 years. They don’t list the ingredients either, except to say it doesn’t have any harmful acid or lye and contains a fresh orange scent.

Plumber’s Hero comes in a “kit” which includes 2 different sized gaskets and a handle attachment for use in toilets. To use it, they instruct you to choose the rubber gasket of choice that completely covers the drain and push the can once: they state this releases a blast of the ingredients that will “annihilate” any blockage.

They insist Plumber’s Hero is safe for septic systems, PVC, copper, or plastic pipes and can even work through a garbage disposal. They tout it works instantly and will save you hundreds of dollars in plumber bills and you can use Plumber’s Hero to maintain a clean drain.

Plumber’s Hero Costs… WHAT?

$27.94 for the Plumber’s Hero Kit. This is broken down as $19.99 for the can, 2 rubber attachments and handle, plus $7.95 S&P. They say you can re-use the attachments and can purchase additional cans at most major hardware and retail stores.

A message returned by customer service said they are working on getting the product into stores (as of Sept. 2014 it is brand-new) and that additional cans are available with your initial order or by calling their toll free number (855) 533 3366 for another $9.99 per can plus shipping; the actual shipping fees were unavailable.

Bottom Line: Is Plumber’s Hero a Scam?

Plumber’s Hero may indeed blast stuff through your pipes, but we’d like to point out:

  • They don’t list the ingredients.
  • It may be just baking soda and vinegar with an added extra burst of pressure.
  • You can make a similar natural drain-cleaning product by following one of these recipes (and there are plenty more online).
  • According to this article written by a plumber, many clogs are just below the drain and can be cleared yourself by removing the stopper and following these instructions.
  • You could end up just “blasting” the clog further down the pipes.
  • You may want to try some of these plumbing tips & tricks to prevent clogs before they happen.
  • Sometimes the only way to permanently clear a drain is with a snaking tool used by a professional plumber.

We’d also like to add that, according to their Privacy Policy, your personal information could be used by the company that markets it (Insynergy Products) to solicit you with other stuff and they could give or sell this information to third parties.

We hope this helps you make a decision about whether to purchase Plumber’s Hero or not. Let us know what you did and/or think of the product below!