Pizza Perfector is a countertop pizza oven the manufacturers promise will give you a perfect crispy pizza in less than 10 minutes with no need to warm up the oven. They tout its rotating base doesn’t let crusts stick, you can cook the top or bottom separately, and the whole thing shuts off automatically to prevent burning.

Pizza Perfector is sold by LETMPS LLC, a company based in Woodland Hills, CA. They claim it was invented by Aussie pizza guru Theo Kalogeracos who runs a pizzeria called Little Caesars, in Perth (not related to the chain in the U.S). Theo has won several awards for his pizza-making skills, and claims to be constantly on the search for the perfect pizza.

The Pizza Perfector Pitch

Pizza Perfector is targeting young, hip people who probably watch a lot of cooking shows and/or eat a lot of pizza. Theo has an outgoing personality and a thick Australian accent – in the video he wears a Foo Fighters t-shirt to show you how “cool” he is. He pitches Pizza Perfector by promising you a crispy crunchy pizza with none of the work.

How Pizza Perfector Works

Pizza Perfector is an enclosed pizza cooker with dimensions of 15 x 7 x 15 inches and weighs 13 lbs. It basically consists of a lid with an upper heating element, a rotating base with removable tray (which they say is non-stick), and a lower heating element that they claim cooks the crust. On top there is a 20-minute timer, a heating vent, and a clear window so you can watch it cook.

Pizza Perfector promises you can cook fresh or frozen pizzas of 9 or 10 inches. (The manual contains a few recipes as well.) To use it, place the pizza of choice on the tray, choose upper, lower, or dual heating mode and set the timer; the timer goes up to 20 minutes but it appears most pizzas fresh or frozen require 7-10 minutes of upper, lower, or dual cooking. The pizza then slowly rotates in the compact oven, which they tout makes it cook evenly without burning. They add you can cook things like quesadillas or nachos as well as reheat foods better than a microwave.

When the timer goes off, they state your pizza is now ready. Carefully remove from the tray, slice and enjoy – although you probably want to let it cool off a bit so you don’t burn your mouth.

Pizza Perfector Costs… WHAT?

$138.95. This is either broken up into 4 “easy” payments of $29.99 or one payment of $119.96 plus $18.99 in shipping. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, minus S&H and what it costs you to ship back.

Bottom Line: Is Pizza Perfector a Scam?

This product may indeed cook a pizza and the small number of reviews it has received so far are generally positive. However, we feel we should point out:

  • It can only make a pizza 10 inches or less. This might be an issue if you are hungry or have lots of friends and family.
  • There have been complaints that the “no stick” pizza pan doesn’t really work as promised. You may need to add oil or non-stick spray to prevent this.
  • The cooking area is very small, which helps it maintain the high heat for pizza cooking easier but doesn’t leave a lot of room for toppings. The user manual (as well as some consumers) caution not to pile your pizza too high or it could smoke and burn on top.
  • Pizza Perfector is not the only countertop pizza maker on the market. You may want to shop and compare other brands before settling on this.
  • Pizza Perfector may be great for a bachelor who doesn’t have an oven but if you already have a kitchen, may we suggest searching for a pizza stone instead? That way you can make bigger pizzas with more toppings and you will still have a crispy crust. (You will have to pre-heat the oven, though.)

Let us know what you think below! Did you purchase Pizza Perfector and did it make a crispy delicious pie or did you get BURNED? Let us know below!