PivoTrim is an attachment for a gas-powered weed trimmer that promises you won’t ever have to deal with broken or jammed trim lines again. Instead, PivoTrim says their patented pivot design protects the line from breaking, even if used against a chain link fence; they’re so confident in this that they promise you free replacement trimmer lines for life with your PivoTrim purchase.

PivoTrim gets a B rating from the BBB; they have only had 3 complaints in the last 3 years but the BBB says they have insufficient info on the company so their rating suffered.

The PivoTrim Pitch

PivoTrim is aimed exclusively at people that own gas trimmers (they warn it won’t work with electric or battery-powered ones) that find dealing with the spools of plastic trim line a nightmare. To show you how strong PivoTrim is, they use it to cut through a piece of plywood, they rub it against a chain link fence and then a brick wall and the trim line still doesn’t break. They claim to trim a field, sidewalk, and fence area all using the same line; however they do not disclose the actual square footage of this feat.

How PivoTrim Works

PivoTrim is a plastic attachment that they promise fits on any gas trimmer; it comes with a universal adaptor and 20 pre-cut trim lines. Instead of an unwieldy, messy spool line that jams or quickly wears out, the PivoTrim has 4 pivoting mounts that hold the V-shaped trim line. They tout this helps absorb the shock of weed whacking, reducing wear-and-tear on the lines. To use it, follow instructions for mounting to your gas trimmer and begin clearing away grass or weeds. They promise no matter how much you abuse it, the lines will not break.

PivoTrim Costs:

$27.90 ($19.95 plus $7.95 S&H.) If you would like the “bonus” 3-blade saw head they claim cuts through brush and trees with ease, add another $7.95 in shipping. They also give you a certificate for “free” trim lines for life. What this really means is you pay $7.95 in shipping fees and they will send you an additional 20 pre-cut trim lines any time you want.

PivoTrim is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee but they won’t return any shipping/handling and you’ve got to pay to ship it back to them.

Bottom Line: Is PivoTrim a Scam?

PivoTrim seems to have solved the annoying problem of the traditional spooling trim line, which, from our own experience, constantly wear down or get stuck. We say this because of the large number of positive customer reviews on many different retailer sites as well as the almost nonexistent complaints with the BBB. Some have said, however, in spite of the claims of the infomercial, with enough abuse the trim lines will break.

It should be noted that if you purchase this product direct from their website you will pay a higher list price than on, say, Amazon, and the “free” trim lines for life aren’t really free. You also allow yourself to be subjected to solicitations via phone, email or snail mail. And remember, this only works with gas trimmers!

What do you think? Did you purchase PivoTrim and was it a weed-eating dream or was it WACK? Let us know below.