PhenQ asserts it is a supplement that contains the benefits of multiple weight loss pills, working from all angles to give you the slim, sexy body you’ve always wanted. PhenQ claims it will burn stored fat, suppress you appetite, block fat production, and improve your mood so you have enough energy and feel good about yourself as you drop the lbs.

How does PhenQ help me lose weight?

PhenQ is said to contain a trademarked formula called a-Lacey’s Reset, which they claim accelerates your metabolism and fires up your body’s thermogenesis (or heat production) so you burn more fat.

PhenQ boasts that extensive clinical studies have shown a-Lacey’s Reset decreases body weight, body fat, and increases muscle mass; however, aside from a fancy chart they don’t give us any data on how these trials were conducted (to learn how to read a clinical study, click here).

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Other Ingredients in PhenQ

Capsimax Powder: This powder contains a blend of black pepper and capsicum peppers, which they claim heat up your body and prevent it from creating new fat cells. The study they cite states that that these ingredients could produce clinically significant weight loss in 1-2 years, but is not a “magic bullet” for weight loss.

Calcium Carbonate: Calcium is good for our bones but they say it also can tell your cells to stop storing fat. PhenQ cites a study showing obese adults with a high calcium diet lost more weight than did those with a placebo; however, it should be noted that this study must be labeled an advertisement due to how it was paid for. (We found a study that showed added calcium had no effect on weight.)

Chromium Picolinate: This is an essential mineral found in meat, and PhenQ claims it cuts cravings by helping your body control blood sugar levels. They refer to an 8-week study done at Cornell University, which showed it helped curb appetites of people with depression. However, this was a small pilot trial and not a full-blown study. (WebMD states there is insufficient evidence for weight loss or treating depression.)

Caffeine: A popular ingredient in energy and weight loss drinks as well as sodas, because it is a stimulant. But as one of the studies they cite notes, “excessive consumption can lead to problems.”

Nopal: An extract from a prickly pear cactus that they claim is high in fiber and will reduce hunger pangs. They don’t cite any specific evidence for this benefit and WebMD says there is insufficient evidence it can help with obesity.

L-Carnitine Furmate: An amino acid in our bodies that helps turn fat into energy. PhenQ claims this will help give you more energy as you diet, but the University of Maryland states that most people produce enough L-carnatine without taking a supplement and “scientific evidence is lacking” that it helps with weight loss.

Other ingredients mentioned: Magnesium Stearate and Magnesium Oxide. Magnesium is effective for constipation, heartburn, high blood pressure during pregnancy, or magnesium deficiency.

PhenQ Side Effects

One of PhenQ’s main ingredients is caffeine. WebMD notes that taking caffeine by mouth for a long time or fairly high doses is possibly unsafe and likely unsafe in very high doses. PhenQ does not list the amount of caffeine in their supplement making it possibly dangerous to take for long periods of time.

Caffeine side effects: Anxiety, irregular heartbeat, diabetes, diarrhea, high blood pressure, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Capscium/prickly pear side effects: Burning, itching, upset stomach, heartburn.

Conclusion: PhenQ may make you feel alert but it also may make you feel hot and itchy.

Can I really adjust my metabolism?

Our metabolism (essentially how fast or slow we process and burn energy) is linked to our weight, but the Mayo Clinic states that a slow metabolism is rarely the cause of excess weight gain. In fact, obese people tend to have a faster metabolism.

The best way to lose weight is to lower the calories you take in as well as increase the amount you burn through physical activity.

WebMD suggests exercise is one of the best ways to naturally increase metabolism. Other suggestions include drinking more water and having a light snack every 3 or 4 hours. You can also add spices like pepper to meals to “heat up” your body and mildly affects your metabolic rate.

How much is a bottle of PhenQ?

  • 1 bottle = $69.95 (60 pills is a 30 day supply)
  • 3 bottles = $139.85 
  • 5 bottles = $199.85 (this is listed as “most popular” and gives “best results”)

PhenQ Contact and Refund Information:

PhenQ telephone number: +44 (0) 208 787 5981

PhenQ offers a 60-day money back guarantee where they say they will refund any unused bottles as long as they receive them within 67 (60 days plus 7 day delivery) days of when you got them.

PhenQ says they also offer a 67-day return for people that buy multiple bottles. To be eligible for a refund, you must return 2 bottles empty (meaning you used it for 2 months) plus any additional unopened bottles and they will return your money, minus what you paid to ship it back. To get return information they request you email and they’ll send you instructions within 48 hours.

Bottom Line: Is PhenQ a good way to boost my metabolism and lose weight?

As we outlined above, there doesn’t seem to be any special ingredient in PhenQ that makes it a “magic” weight loss supplement. There isn’t enough information about its trademarked a-Lacey’s Reset, but as we pointed out, a slow metabolism is rarely the cause of obesity.

This supplement is full of caffeine and things that may make you hot and itchy, which may indeed make you move around and expend more energy. But as we mentioned, side effects of too much caffeine can be harmful in the long run. Because of all this, we do not recommend buying PhenQ.

PhenQ Affiliate Scam Alert

PhenQ is trying a new trick in the fake affiliate playbook by actually placing “scam” warnings in the search engine result headers.

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Note: the “Scam or Legit” slogan is ripped off from our sister publication

These websites serve to hog up top search engine listings and with their provocative headlines encourage consumers to click. And then what they think is an unbiased review turns out to be a (poorly written) advertisement containing a link where the site gets a commission.

In other words, they appear to be making a huge effort to pad the search result listings so that you can’t find real legitimate review sites… like US!

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