PetVac is a long hose, canister, brush, and filtration system for collecting pet hair that you attach to your existing vacuum. They say your dog or cat will actually love to be cleaned with it because the 15-foot hose allows you to put the noisy vacuum in the other room while you groom.

But is PetVac a cool, useful tool for pet owners or is it junk? Let’s examine the facts…

The PetVac Pitch

This product is aimed at pet owners who are tired of dealing with shedding fur. They tout the PetVac reduces stress during grooming because the hose length lets you keep the scary vacuum far away from your dog or cat. The video shows dogs, and even cats laying docile as the PetVac moves across their fur. They further tempt you by adding PetVac will save you money on grooming services.

How PetVac Works

The PetVac essentially consists of a 15-foot hose that attaches to a separate bucket/filter and several different brush attachments designed to deal with pet hair. It comes with specific instructions, but basically you hook up to your vacuum and extend the hose as far as possible. Then call the dog or gently grab the kitty; PetVac promises since they won’t see or hear the vacuum, the job of brushing their hair is much easier. Also, they add that the brush is soft, won’t collect hair, and can be used when your pet is wet from a bath or dry.

When you are done grooming, they tell you to open and empty the orange container, which is now filled with fur, into the trash.

PetVac Costs You:

$47.89 – this is made more easily digestible by listing it as $29.95 plus $9.95 S&H and then they throw in a “free” lint brush but charge you another $7.95 in fees. In addition, the PetVac says there are a few “optional” brushes you can buy which may make the final price even higher.

PetVac Includes:

  • 15-foot collection hose
  • Collection canister
  • Lid
  • Grooming brush
  • User manual
  • Cone adaptor
  • Cage ball stopper
  • Wet extraction tool (optional)
  • Drain tool to unclog sinks (optional)
  • De-shedding tool (optional)

Bottom Line: Is PetVac a Scam?

PetVac may pick up pet hair as advertised, but we think we should remind you:

  • You need to already have a vacuum for this product to work.
  • There are several tools listed in the infomercial that are noted as “optional” and there is no way to order them online. This makes us suspect you will be dealing with an upsell during your order or possibly via email or telephone afterwards.
  • You may want to peruse Amazon’s Top-Rated Vacuums for Pet Hair to see what other options you have.

Let us know what you think! Did you buy PetVac and did it provide a stress-free way of grooming your pet, or did Fido freak out? Let us know below!