Personal Pedi by Laurant is a handheld battery-powered foot-grooming tool that claims to removes dead skin and calluses. They say the mineral roller spins at 1,800 RPMs to blast away flaky skin and the buffing roller finishes the job, giving your feet a polished look.

Personal Pedi claims to be made by a company called Laurant, but actually comes from National Express. With the exception of the buffing roller, it seems to be almost the exact same product as Ped Egg Power sold by Telebrands; however there is no indication they are related.

The Personal Pedi Pitch

Personal Pedi is targeted primarily at women who wear open-heeled shoes and are perhaps embarrassed by their dry feet. They tout Personal Pedi as the easy solution and show smiling women exfoliating and buffing away their feet to a what looks like a smooth glow. They throw in some before and after images to try to show you what a difference this product will make. They add temptation by offering a certificate for a Lifetime Replacement of the rollers.

How Personal Pedi Works

They don’t list the actual dimensions of Personal Pedi by Laurant on the website but it appears to fit in the palm of a woman’s hand and is topped by a spinning roller attachment. It also seems to have a battery, but the type and number needed is not listed on the website. (A customer service representative also did not have any battery information.)

To use Personal Pedi, they instruct you to push the button and place against your dry feet. They tout the micro mineral roller moves at 1,800 RPM (for comparison, the aforementioned Ped Egg Power spins at 2,500) and removes calluses along with dry, flaky skin on contact. Once done with that, they tell you to put on the smooth buffing roll to finish the job.

They claim Personal Pedi is waterproof so you can use it in the shower and the sensation feels like a foot massage. When your feet are all shiny, remove the top and rinse the roller under the faucet to clean.

Personal Pedi Costs… WHAT?

$32.85 – This is because you pay $19.95 for the Pedi Power, another $6.95 in S&H, and the Lifetime Replacement Certificate is $5.95. They offer a full 90-day warranty on the product, minus the $12.90 in fees and what it costs to ship back.

By buying Personal Pedi, you are also signing a binding arbitration agreement that prevents you from suing them or joining a class action lawsuit if it doesn’t work (or you accidentally grind off a toe).

Bottom Line: Is Personal Pedi a Scam?

Personal Pedi may indeed remove dead skin from your tired dogs, but how long will it last? Like Ped Egg Power, there is no battery information available, even from customer service. And why do they have you sign an arbitration agreement? Is it really necessary? In addition, their Privacy Policy allows them to spam or solicit you and sell your information to third parties.

Before going ahead with a purchase of Personal Pedi, you might want to ask yourself if it’s really worth it because of these things.

What do you think of Personal Pedi – let us know below!

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