Personal Pedi Max from Laurant claims to be a quick, easy, and pain-free way to remove hard ugly calluses and feels like a foot massage. Personal Pedi Max appears to be an updated version of the Personal Pedi that adds 2 speed settings, which they promise will give you more torque. 

How Personal Pedi Max Works

Personal Pedi Max is a battery powered (2 AA batteries, sold separately) callus remover with a removable, spinning roller head. The difference between the Personal Pedi and the Personal Pedi Max appear to be the color (Personal Pedi Max is black, the original white) and a re-designed handle. 

What appears to set them apart the most is that Personal Pedi Max has 2 speeds, whereas the original just has one. Personal Pedi Max says its higher setting gives you more torque, but they don’t disclose how much. While they state original Personal Pedi spins at more than 2000 RPMs, they don’t list the speed of Personal Pedi Max and a customer service representative could not tell us anything further. 

To use Personal Pedi Max, they instruct you to gently press against your callused foot or hand and let the mineral roller roll away against it; they promise in seconds the tough dry dead skin will be lifted away. Then, switch to the buffer roller and they claim you can polish your feet so they look silky smooth. Finally, they add Personal Pedi Max is waterproof so you can use in the shower and or rinse between uses.

Personal Pedi Max Cost:

$26.90, sold as $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping. Personal Pedi Max comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, minus that shipping fee and what it costs you to send it back.

Bottom Line: Is Personal Pedi Max a Good Callus Remover?

Personal Pedi Max appears to be an update of the Personal Pedi, a callus-remover which averages 2-stars on our website as well as at our sister publication Highya. The primary complaint was that the Personal Pedi stopped spinning as soon as it touched the hand or foot. However, the consumers that gave it a positive review noted that this is a safety feature so you don’t put too much pressure against your skin; they say if you use it against the skin lightly it will do a great job. (The next most common complaints were very long shipping times or receiving a product that was broken.) 

With 2 speeds, will the Personal Pedi Max deliver more torque? Please let us and our readers know below! 

Either way, we do suggest using Personal Pedi Max with not too much pressure against your skin to avoid injury – these products are designed to only take off a small layer at a time. Only use on dry skin until you see pink underneath, then apply your favorite lotion or cream afterwards.

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