Personal Mani by Esplee is a battery-powered nail buffing and shining device that they promise will give you the ability to have salon perfect nails at home. Personal Mani Esplee promises it’s convenient, easy to use, and will give your nails the dazzle they deserve for life.

How does Personal Mani by Esplee work to get my nails trimmed and shiny?

Personal Mani is a handheld device with a turquoise exterior that takes batteries of an unknown size (we called the customer service number listed and there was no answer).

Personal Mani Esplee claims to work in 2 steps with 2 different roller heads. First, they say to use the buffing roller to gently and evenly smooth the nail’s surface; they add it’s designed to remove ridges without penetrating deep into the nail and can also be used to shape the nail.

Next, they tell you to switch heads and put on the shining roller, which will create a glossy mirror-like surface with or without nail polish. Personal Mani Esplee also says it’s great for toes and has a special design that will catch all the nail filings so there will be no mess any time you use it.

Personal Mani Esplee cost and guarantee

Personal Mani by Esplee sells for $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling, which includes 2 buffing rollers and 2 shining rollers. However, if you would like an extra pair of rollers and a lifetime replacement certificate, you need to select yes and they will charge you an extra $6.95 for a total of $33.85

Personal Mani comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, minus any of those shipping fees and what it costs to send back. Personal Mani by Esplee telephone number is listed as 1-866-595-5474.

Bottom Line: Is Personal Mani by Esplee a good way to manicure my nails at home?

Perhaps. We do appreciate the 90-day warranty and the lifetime replacement of rollers (which seem to last about 3 manicures each). As we mentioned, when we called the customer service number listed there was no answer. Since Personal Mani by Esplee is still new, perhaps this situation will be resolved.

If you are interested in Personal Mani, we strongly suggest calling customer service before ordering to see if anyone picks up the telephone.

Alternatives to Personal Mani by Esplee

In spite of how they make it sound, Personal Mani by Esplee is hardly the first battery-powered nail buffer and shiner tool for sale. One of the most popular is the Emjoi Micro-Nail Buff & Shine Manicure Kit, which is more expensive (and you have to buy replacement rollers) but generally gets positive marks from consumers who have used it.

There is also e question of if a product like this is really worth the hype? You can certainly make your nails look shinier by soaking them in olive oil, milk, butter, or one of these 14 other DIY home remedies listed here.

A standard, manual nail buffer and shiner like the Flash Shiner is cheaper, will likely last longer and you won’t need to hunt down replacement rollers or batteries – and only take perhaps a few seconds more per nail.

We hope this gives you the information you need to make a decision about Personal Mani by Esplee – let us know your experience with it below!