PermaShades 3000 is the Space Age name for a pair of sunglasses that is said to be ultra-light, stylish, and virtually indestructible. They boast their Flexbend technology snaps back from any trauma to its original shape, provides glare reduction and UV protection and looks great on both guys and gals.

What’s so hip about PermaShades 3000 indestructible glasses?

PermaShades 3000 is designed with something they call Flexbend technology. It is said that these glasses will recover from almost any accident, whether stepped on, sat upon, or even run over by a car. In the infomercial, they show PermaShades 3000 being run over by a 4000 lb. jeep as well as being shot at by a gun and surviving unharmed. 

PermaShades 3000 adds that their lenses have UV400 protection, which they state blocks 99% of harmful rays. Should your lenses get scratched or damaged, they claim you can easily pop out the lens and replace them. PermaShades 3000 boasts that their glasses look sexy on both men and women and come with a bonus neck strap.

How much do PermaShades 3000 cost me to buy?

PermaShades 3000 claim to be a double offer for $14.95 plus $6.99 shipping and handling; however, the fine print reveals that they also charge $6.99 in shipping fees for the second pair and you have to get 2. This makes the true total $28.93 for 2 pairs of PermaShades 3000.

PermaShades 3000 Refund

PermaShades offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but this is for the initial $14.95 (and you have to pay to ship them back). PermaShades 3000 also claims to have a 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee, but provide no further information.

PermaShades 3000 customer service:

Bottom Line: Is PermaShades 3000 a cool pair of sunglasses that won’t break?

PermaShades 3000 is a new product, having just been registered in August 2015. Therefore, we couldn’t find any customer reviews about the product.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses is generally a matter of personal preference, aside from making sure you have lenses that block out harmful UV rays. PermaShades 3000 state they have UV 400 protection, which block out wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, so they should protect your eyes. We appreciate that they offer a 1-year guarantee. And generally speaking, cheap sunglasses like PermaShades 3000 do protect your eyes just as good as expensive ones.

So, here are the Cons:

  • They will keep $13.98 of your money even if you return them.
  • We do not know who makes PermaShades 3000 and their customer service contact information is only an email address.
  • In spite of the fact that they say the lenses are replaceable they offer no information about buying new lenses or if other lenses will fit.
  • Their privacy policy allows them to solicit you with other products via email, telephone, or snail mail. They may also give your number to “reputable” third parties to do the same.

Here’s what we suggest: wait until PermaShades 3000 are available from your local retailer (Target, Walgreens, etc.) that have an “As Seen on TV” aisle. This way, you’ll avoid long shipping times, hidden fees, and if it’s a piece of crap you can return it without having to deal with the rude customer service that many of these ASOTV companies are guilty of.

And let us know your experience with PermaShades 3000. Were they as stylish and durable as they promised, or did they let you down?