Perfecter Ultra is a hair styling tool said to be invented by Maria McCool and sold by Tristar Products that is both a heated round brush and a flat iron. They tout Perfecter Ultra is coated in black tourmaline, a stone that produces negative ions that minimizes frizz and promise this brush creates curls or straightens hair as good as a salon.

How Perfecter Ultra Works

Perfecter Ultra appears to be a revamped version of the Perfecter, a round heated brush also invented by Ms. McCool. The main differences between the Perfecter Ultra and the Perfecter seem to be that its round brush splits open to double as a hair straightener and has a black tourmaline finish.

To use Perfecter Ultra, choose whether you want to curl or straighten your hair; then either put your locks between the tourmaline-coated clamps or wrap it in the nylon teeth. Either way, they state the Perfecter Ultra will make your hair fuller, shinier, healthier, and frizz-free.

Perfecter Ultra Costs:

$99.99, which includes free shipping. This can either be paid at once or in three payments of $33.33. 

Perfecter Ultra comes with both a 60-day money back guarantee (minus what it costs to ship back) and a 60-day limited warranty, which only covers manufacturer defects and not normal wear and tear. However, if there is a defect, you not only need to pay to ship it back but you must also include a check for $24.99 to cover return postage and handling.

Perfecter Ultra Includes:

  • Perfecter Ultra
  • Pro Paddle Brush
  • 3 Styling Clips
  • Thermal Travel Case

Bottom Line: Is Perfecter Ultra a Good Styling Tool?

Finding the right tool to battle frizz and get the perfect style can be a challenge for many women, and the promise of Perfecter Ultra seems to fit the bill. We do like the free shipping and the 60-day money back guarantee; tourmaline is also the preferred coating for many high-end styling brushes.

We don’t like the short 60-day limited warranty and the fact that you have to pay an additional $24.99 to get it replaced. We should also mention that Tristar Products has a B- from the BBB due to over 900 complaints in the last 3 years, more than 500 of which were due to problems with a product or service. (The BBB does note that these problems were all eventually resolved.)

Perfecter Ultra is brand new as of this writing (January 2015) so customer reviews could not be found. However, its sister product the Perfecter averages 3.5 stars at both Target and Amazon. Those that love it say it works just as advertised, giving them shiny, bouncy hair. Those that don’t, primarily complain that it’s cheaply made, falls apart, and expensive (both Perfecter and Perfecter Ultra retail for $99.99).

We suspect the Perfecter Ultra will fare similarly – let us and our readers know your experience below!