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It's crap!

Nov 13, 2015 | | Enterprise, KS

You need to offer the option of zero or negative stars.

I went the "free trial" route, but their product leaves my water tasting the same as it does straight out of the tap. Whereas I get clean and fresh tasting water with a generic Walmart filter in my Purifier pitcher. No big deal, caveat emptor as we know.

But cancel? I do get replies from email saying cancellation cannot be done through email. All calls to customer service result in a very long time on hold, which is always concluded with (paraphrased) "We cannot help you at this time; please leave a message." No messages have been acknowledged, no calls back. I, too, have contacted my credit card company to block future transactions. If one does slip through during the 7-10 day establishment period, my company will dispute it, but more importantly, I will be reporting to the FTC.

Deceitful advertising

Nov 20, 2015 | | Calgary AB Canada

I too fell victim to this company's false advertising. They claimed that all I had to do was to pay the postage and the pitcher was free. However, today, I got a phone call telling me that the $149.95 USD ($204.24 CDN) charge on my credit card was for filters. When I told them that I would be returning the parcel unopened, I was informed that I had to return the pitcher as well. I also ordered a shower head, which I cannot hook up to my line as it is the same size as the line. I asked if I had to purchase an adapter (I don't even know if this is possible or not) but was told "No", that it came complete. How come I can't hook up?

Too good to be true. Scam.

Nov 22, 2015 | | Los Angeles, CA

Scam. I don't like the terms. I was only told of the subscription after I was charged.

Absolute scamming company in every way

Dec 1, 2015 | | San Diego, CA

Do not even be tempted by any form of advertising by this company or its subsidiaries, which are many. They keep changing their name a little an add another LLC so they can keep up this scam. All that everyone else has written is true. They are one and the same as Crisis Education, Perfect Aqua, and several others. This way they can fly under the radar until the seat gets too hot, then they make up another company name to begin all over again. I have no idea why they have not been shut down yet, but I am documenting and will be presenting considerable evidence to the State Attorney's office in Austin Texas where they presently do their dirty business from. 

Very Disappointing

Dec 4, 2015 | | Wadena, MN

First, I would not give this product or the services provided by the company ANY stars. I thought that since I received information about this product through a site recommended by the Quest for the Cure, this would be a reputable company. Goes to show no one can be trusted now-days. I, too, fell for the "free" pitcher pitch, and shortly after receiving filters in the mail, but had nowhere seen what the automatic shipment would cost. Only when we received our credit card bill did we discover the charge. No wonder they can afford to give away free pitchers when the filters are such an exorbitant price! And does anyone know that it really does what the video says it does?

I have their address for your return

Dec 5, 2015 | | Greenwood, LA

I was able to find their return factory they asked me to return my broken pitcher for which they will charge my card 60.00 (for returning a crushed pitcher). Well, I got them. I blocked my card and applied for another and my bank stands behind this.

Here is their factory return address:

Vianey V. (Perfect Aqua Purifier)

Dec 5, 7:55 AM


I have extended the bill date for your subscription under this promotion, we will need the pitcher back before 12/20. We ask that you return your water pitcher so we can process this cancellation as well. Please send to our warehouse:

TruBox Products

4175 Freidrich Lane #202

Austin, TX 78744

To your health,

Perfect Water Purifier Team


(877) 404-7240

Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM CST

Here is another email:


Just keep me updated on your search. If you'd like, we can just process the payment for $60 now and cancel the subscription.



Perfect Water Purifier

I wrote back :

"Vianey, why $60.00? It is crushed and can't be used."




Super High Long Term Costs and Terrible Customer Service

Dec 14, 2015 | | New york

This filter might just work at advertised, but it's way more expensive, over the long run, than other filters that do the same job. On their site, they compare the filter to other PLASTIC filters, but don't compare it to the more expensive stainless steel filters. While Clearly Filtered probably does perform better than the equivalent plastic filters, I'm sure they don't compare it to the stainless steel ones because it is either equivalent (at a higher long term price) or not any better.

So, for this filter, you'll pay about $80, or you might even get a 'free' deal, where they'll hide the terms and conditions that you'll pay for months on end for expensive filters. I got a 'free' pitcher, and the next month, told them I'd be out of the country for an indefinite period and would order filters when I was using the pitcher. They wouldn't budge and charged my card $149.85 for water filters, I assume that this would be for 3 months since their new filters are priced about $50 and they claim that they last about a month.

So, lets take the cost of their 'typical' use of their own stated $50 a month, even if you get the pitcher for free, this makes your cost a whopping $600 for the first year and every year thereafter. Yipes! That's a huge chunk of change.

The leading stainless steel tabletop filter equivalent with fluoride filters has an initial cost of about $300 and the two filters last for 6000 gallons. Even if you had a family of 4 living in the desert and drinking a gallon of water per day, that would still last you several YEARS before having to replace the filters, at a cost of just over $100 for another 6000 gallons of use. They recommend replacing the fluoride filters every thousand gallons, at a cost of about $50. That means replacing once a year with heavy use.

So, for the leading stainless steel, you'd pay $300 initially, then $50 the next year, then $150 the third year, then $50 the fourth year, etc. Making the cost very low for the long term. Unlike with this pitcher, you're paying $600 a year, year after year.

So, in the end, the Clearly Filtered ends up being twice as much the first year, and ends up being over 10 times as much the second year, that is calculating getting the pitcher for free. If you pay the Amazon price, then it's even a better deal to get the stainless steel tabletop brand over this one.

Heck, I just did a Google search for 'whole house water filter fluoride' and the system that came up is under $1500. That would be just over the cost of filters for this product for 2 1/2 years. So if you are really concerned about fluoride, get the whole house filter instead of this product! Over time, the cost would be cheaper.

Also, their customer service was awful. I explained that I'd buy their filters regularly when I got back from overseas, and they would not work with me. They demanded that I pay the cost of the pitcher now, or the ongoing cost of the filters. I explained that I was an RV owner and often lived overseas where I'd love to take the pitcher next time I went, and that I'm also a website owner and would be promoting their product to my over 1 million visitors a year, and they still didn't care. They wanted their money now and didn't care that I'd be a lifetime customer and promote their products.

Their demanding customer service and my realization of the high cost of this pitcher made them lose a lifetime customer and an affiliate. The only advantage to this pitcher, that I can see, is it's ability to go in the fridge. But even if you care about that, just get a whole house filter or leading stainless steel system and put a cheap $1 plastic pitcher in the fridge. Even better, you can get a non-reactive glass pitcher for the fridge and eliminate the problem of the plastic pitcher.

Also, while this is non-bpa plastic, most experts are realizing that all plastics lead contaminants into the water that is in them, so getting one of the leading stainless steel filters, or non-plastic whole house filter will eliminate the problem of a plastic filter anyway.

Ripped off

Dec 17, 2015 | | Talking Rock, GA

This is a nice pitcher and a filter. They send three filters every six month but that is not necessary because I am only one drinking it in my family. I only asked for one every six month, but they won't as their policy states three filters every six month automatically for $149.95. One every 6 months, that's 50 dollars each filter. I don't need three at once, I can't afford that. Each filter is too pricey! Don't order it. The filters should not be this expensive at all.

Perfect water pitcher is a scam

Dec 6, 2016 | | Perth Amboy NJ

I'm waiting for my $175.00. I returned my product and, I need my money that was taken from my bank account. It has been over ten months I've been trying to get my money. I'm a single parent of 2. I returned my product and still waiting for my refund.

This company is a Fraud

May 8, 2017 | | Maryland

They charged me for a pitcher that was never sent. Good thing I talked to the credit card company to make sure those guys did not also bill me for the filters. All I lost was $ 9.95 but they probably ripped off thousands of people the same way. The phone number is not in service anymore.

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