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It's crap!

Nov 13, 2015 | | Enterprise, KS

You need to offer the option of zero or negative stars.

I went the "free trial" route, but their product leaves my water tasting the same as it does straight out of the tap. Whereas I get clean and fresh tasting water with a generic Walmart filter in my Purifier pitcher. No big deal, caveat emptor as we know.

But cancel? I do get replies from email saying cancellation cannot be done through email. All calls to customer service result in a very long time on hold, which is always concluded with (paraphrased) "We cannot help you at this time; please leave a message." No messages have been acknowledged, no calls back. I, too, have contacted my credit card company to block future transactions. If one does slip through during the 7-10 day establishment period, my company will dispute it, but more importantly, I will be reporting to the FTC.


Nov 10, 2015 | | Pasadena, CA

Having the same problems everyone else seems to be having. Fortunately, I used my American Express Card and they have placed a "block" on any future charges this company may try to impose.

This company is a scam!

I do not like these products.

Nov 9, 2015 | | California

I purchased the Water Pitcher and a shower filter. I do pot like having to fill the pitcher several times daily. The shower filter is too big and bulky. I want to return these items and get a full credit to my account.

Charged, Never Received, No Customer Service

Nov 4, 2015 | | Montebello, CA

I ordered September 22, 2015. To date have not received anything but three charges to my credit card, an email to assure me the next order is about to be sent. That would mean more charges right? I have contacted my credit card company and requested no more charges from this company. The card has been closed and will be replaced with a new one. I tried to email contact to customer support and received one email back. Told me to check with the Post Office as something was tracked to that point. Ok, the shipping address was the wrong state with a wrong Los Angeles zip code. I have contacted the PO and they have no record of having received it only notified that it was to be transferred from UPS to USPS. Nothing further. Sent email and tried to call the Perfect (or shall we say "Anything but Perfect") company. No answer to phone, keeps you on hold, then tells you to leave a message and your call will be returned. Yeah, right! Never a call. Did receive another email which was a repeat of the first one sent with tracking info. I responded saying it was less than helpful and that I believe this to be a scam. Another email asking how I could consider it scam as they sent the product. Well, where is it? Call the post office and they can arrange a delivery or pickup date. I did that. This goes nowhere folks. Don't do business with this place. There is no recourse if you don't get what you order and you will have to handle it through your credit card company. So sad to have things out there like this taking advantage of people. 

Don't fall for it!

Oct 30, 2015 | | Las Vegas, NV

I am ashamed to say I fell for the video and ordered the "free" pitcher with the idea that they were only charging my card for shipping of $9.95. I then received the email saying my card would be charge $150 every 6 months for filters ($300 a year, are you smoking something?). When I tried to contact the company to get a refund of my $9.95 they do not answer their phone, I sit on hold until it goes to voicemail. I email and email to receive no answer, not even crickets. I now have to cancel this card and get a new one so that they cannot charge my card.

If I could give them a no star review I would have.

Ordered and now canceling

Oct 27, 2015 | | Bremerton WA

I just ordered the pitcher yesterday and just read the confirmation email today. Which told me about the replacement filters which would be automatically charged to my card! I started doing the math and it's about 150.00 not counting the shipping cost. I have called and left voice mails and no one had returned my calls. I have also emailed a written cancelation and no response thus far. I will be mailing a hard copy of my cancellation letter today also. After reading the above reviews I'm putting a stop payment on my order.

Customer service rudeness and mail fraud

Oct 18, 2015 | | Raleigh, NC

I ordered one pitcher and an extra filter, and when the box was delivered, not only was it huge but incredibly heavy. I knew immediately there was a problem, so I did not even open the box; However, I did call the company immediately and insisted they send me a prepaid shipping label, because obviously I had not received what I ordered but much more. The person with whom I spoke refused; When I told her I refused to send it back at my expense, she stated, "Well, you'll just have to pay for the items you received or pay to have them returned". She advised me against writing "refused" on the box and insisted I bear the expense of return shipping. I continue to insist that this was not my problem. She was relentless and quite rude. She also said that she sent me a confirmation of everything I ordered, including a shower head that was rather ludicrous since I don't even have a shower head to replace. After reading the email that was originally sent, there were no additional items on the confirmation and invoice. In the meantime, I was told by the USPS that this act constitutes mail fraud. Rather then go to American Express for help with almost $600 of fraudulent charges, I have decided to pursue the legal aspects of mail fraud. If found guilty, they would be faced with as much as 20 years incarceration and many thousands of dollars in fines.

Fraud. (Bate and switch, which is illegal)

Oct 7, 2015 | | California

I ordered (and immediately issued 'stop payment' order from my bank) as after the order of their 'free pitcher' has gone through, the catch is that one is now obligated to purchase additionally three filters costing $49.95 each. That is nearly $150 plus an additional shipping of $9.95! Soit cost either $160 or $190 depending if each of three filters has their own respective shipping charges.

In addition, their info on their confirmation page is incomplete in a huge font and clipped on right margin thus not being able to actually see the so-called 'agreement'!

This company is 'too good to be true' and at all costs, must be avoided! 

The worst product

Oct 3, 2015 | | Minnesota

Don't buy this product. It is not worth the money. You might as well use it as a coffee filter, you would get better results.

A very sour taste

Sep 29, 2015 | | Washington

I am mad after learning the annual replacement cost of filters, so I canceled my order [$129.95]. Upon receiving a partial refund [$60], I refused the item they sent in spite of my cancellation. I also backed up by an explicit email to this effect on 07/29 and USPS documentation with tracking number plus date stamps. This was two months ago and they steadfastly refuse to credit the balance [$69.95] back to my Visa. After submitting proof via cert mail and two months later in addition to spending a frustrating hour on the phone with Barbara, Celia, 2 others, I had to choice other than opening a 'Dispute Claim' to receive a 'ChargeBack' to my account via the bank. No matter how great their filters are alleged to be, I will never do business with this company again!

Buyer Beware!

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