Perfect Water Purifiers are filters from a company called Perfect Aqua that claim to remove 99.9% of toxins contained in normal drinking water, particularly fluoride. They state that their lab results prove the effectiveness of Perfect Water Purifiers and if you buy their bottle or pitcher filters you will be drinking cleaner water and each filter lasts 200 gallons or 2-3 months.

How Perfect Water Purifiers Work

Perfect Water Purifiers are what’s known as a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter, made from organic materials, in this case coconut shells. They are sometimes referred to as “charcoal” because they are heated without oxygen to increase the amount of carbon. This carbon is said to act as a magnet, absorbing chemicals and foul odors. 

To use Perfect Water Purifiers, they instruct you to first soak your filter to activate it, then place in the pitcher or sports bottle. Next, add water! They promise Perfect Water Purifiers will get rid of all the yucky stuff, including mercury, lead, and fluoride.

Perfect Water Purifiers Cost…

Perfect Water Purifiers need to be replaced every two months because these types of GAC filters can only hold so many contaminants. Therefore, they offer you a few options.

$69.95, which includes filter, pitcher, and free shipping. Replacement filters are $59.95 for one, or you could subscribe to a bi-monthly plan for $299 for 6 in a year ($49.95 each) or get a year’s supply for $249, which is also 6 but billed once a year. Single bottle filters are $34.95 or $149.95 for bi-monthly/yearly. 

Perfect Water Purifiers come with a 90-day money back guarantee minus a $15 restocking fee if the product has been shipped and a 60-day refund for monthly or yearly subscriptions of unused filters or pro-rated after that period. 

Bottom Line: Is Perfect Water Purifiers a Good Way to Get Clean Water?

Having clean drinking water is a concern for many people and the promise of products like Perfect Water Purifiers are indeed tempting. But we feel we should point out a few things.

First of all, from our research GAC filters like Perfect Water Purifiers do not remove metals like iron, nitrate, mercury, lead, or even fluoride. 

Indeed, their own Government Lab Test Results page doesn’t list any of those particles. It should also be noted that these so-called lab test results are from Los Angeles County Department of Weights and Measures done in 2006 and make no specific mention of Perfect Water Purifiers.

Generally speaking, while not all GAC filters are created equal, they are very good for removing odors, pesticides and herbicides and dirt. Fluoride, while a controversial additive to our water supply, is at a safe level according the Center for Disease Control.

GAC also are not very cost-effective as they must be replaced every 2-3 months, which adds up over time. 

An article by a person who claims to have studied various water filtration systems for a decade has generally concluded that that gravity filters, reverse osmosis filters, and distillers are your best options for removing all toxic metals and even fluorides from water. (Read more here.) These options do their work slower than a filter like Perfect Water Filter and are more expensive up front, but they are designed to remove more toxins and pay for themselves in the long run.

Let us know your experience with Perfect Water Filters below!