Perfect Tuck is the name of a rubber belt that promises to help you look tidy and neat in appearance by keeping your shirt tucked in. They claim the silicon belt has grips on either side and that when you put it on around your waist no one will see it but it will prevent your shirt from bunching up and/or the dreaded “plumber’s crack.”

How Perfect Tuck Works

Perfect Tuck is a device sometimes known as a shirt lock, usually made of rubber and worn around the waist. To use Perfect Tuck, they instruct you to put it on after you’ve buttoned down your shirt but before you’ve put on your pants.

Then, pull up your pants and put on your belt. They claim Perfect Tuck has grips on both sides so that it will hold your shirt tails in place, keeping it from riding up when you bend or sit. They add Perfect Tuck will be completely hidden from view and promise it will keep you from looking like a slob. 

Perfect Tuck Cost:

$23.98 for 2 Perfect Tucks (this is listed as $10 for the first Perfect Tuck plus $6.99 in shipping and handling, and then an additional $6.99 in S&H for the supposedly free second belt).

Perfect Tuck comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, but we’d like to point out this is only for the $10 and not any of the other fees (and you have to pay to ship it back to them).

Bottom Line: Is Perfect Tuck a Scam?

In researching this product, we learned a few “secrets” from military, police, and other professionals who never seemed to get their shirts ruffled. The more traditional device they use is called a shirt stay, which is an elastic strap that attaches to the bottom of the shirt, travels down the leg inside your pants and attaches to the sock or loops around the foot. While this may be great for a cadet, it obviously may take some getting used to for a civilian.

The alternative is a shirt lock (like Perfect Tuck), which is much easier to use, but some complain they can irritate the skin or cause wear on the shirt. Currently, there are no consumer reviews of Perfect Tuck or information as to who makes or sells it. But in spite of their claims of Perfect Tuck being a “revolutionary” product, there are several companies that market and sell shirt locks. 

For comparison, one of the more popular shirt locks is made by a company called Sticky Belt and features adjustable straps, hook-on-hook joining clasps, and a 1-year warranty. Perfect Tuck appears to be adjustable only by cutting the strap, the clasping mechanism it uses is unknown, and there is no information about a warranty beyond the 60-days. (We tried to call Perfect Tuck to speak to someone, but they only have an automated phone system.)

Finally, another option is to try using a military tuck to keep your shirt in your pants. 

Let us know your experience with Perfect Tuck below!