Perfect Slicer is a round cutting tool they claim can cut your favorite fruits and veggies with just one push. They promise you will have 12 evenly cut pieces seconds later, ready for the buffet or picnic.

Perfect Slicer looks useful and convenient, especially in the infomercial, but is this a sturdy and safe product you actually NEED? Let’s check it out. 

The Perfect Slicer Pitch

This is a product aimed at consumers who eat a lot of melon, cantaloupe or other fruits and veggies that need chopping up. They suggest using a traditional knife to do these things is time-consuming and/or dangerous. To show you how fun and easy it is, they set up a row of different fruits and veggies and use Perfect Slicer to chop them all up into 120 separate slices within 30 seconds. They promise this will also save you money because you won’t have to pay more at the grocery store for pre-sliced foods.

How Perfect Slicer Works

Perfect Slicer is a giant plastic circle (dimensions not given but appears larger than a standard cantaloupe) crosscut with 12 blades; a circular blade is in the center for the core. To use it, grab by the plastic handles and push down on your favorite round fruit or tall vegetable. They say this motion will completely cut through and core the item. They add it’s also dishwasher safe.

What They Don’t Say About Perfect Slicer

What are the blades made of? It’s probably not stainless steel, or they would tout that as one of its benefits. How big is it? While it appears to be large enough for a watermelon, the actual dimensions are not listed.

Perfect Slicer Will Cost You:

$17.99 for one ($10 plus $7.99 S&H) which includes a green slicing mat. If you would like to add another Perfect Slicer and mat, pay an additional $7.99 in non-refundable fees. If you don’t like Perfect Slicer, return it within 30 days and get your ten bucks back, but not any of the S&H.

Bottom Line: Is Perfect Slicer a Scam?

These products are the staple of infomercial land (“It slices, it dices!”) as people seem to be hypnotized by the allure of perfectly cut food minus the effort. But we wonder how sturdy it is – as we mentioned, the blades are probably not stainless steel. Perfect Slicer is new to the market so there are no specific user reviews; however, there are plenty of similar slicers out there that have been put through the paces. Even the ones that list stainless steel blades, consumers complain they don’t cut evenly or all the way through; some have noted these slicers are difficult to clean. And they are sharp – unlike others, Perfect Slicer doesn’t appear to come with a cover for the blade.

And is this something you really need? As we mentioned, it does look fun on the commercial, but unless you are an extremely busy chef or have a large melon-craving family, we think you will probably do fine with just your knife and a few extra seconds.

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