Perfect Cooker is a countertop cooking device from Fusion Life Brands sold by Tristar Products that claims to cook rice, pastas, soups, and more with just the touch of one button. They boast Perfect Cooker is portable and convenient and once your food is done it automatically goes into Keep Warm mode until you are ready to eat it.

What’s so hot about Perfect Cooker?

Perfect Cooker is essentially lantern-shaped rice cooker that comes in black, red, or white, whose dimensions are 6.88" W x 6.88" D x 7.25" H and holds 3 cups of food. In addition to cooking all types of rice, they tout Perfect Cooker can cook a variety of one-pot meals, including soups, pastas, and desserts. It contains an inner pot that they state is non-stick and dishwasher safe.

Perfect Cooker claims that it uses Thermo-Sensors to calculate the exact cooking time and temperature you will need for your meal and you need to press just 1 button to use it. Perfect Cooker says you can follow one of the many recipes on its website. These include recipes for beef stew, Fettuccine Alfredo, white rice, and more.

Perfect Cooker states that once the button is pressed, the inner plate begins to heat up. When the water inside starts to boil, they say Perfect Cooker automatically starts to reduce the heat, eventually going into Keep Warm mode once the food is done. Another selling point of Perfect Cooker they point out is that it’s portable, making it great for the home as well as the dorm room, office, or tailgate party.

Perfect Cooker is also championed by Eric Theiss, an on-air chef for QVC that says he’s never seen a tool so easy, versatile, and affordable. 

How much do they charge for a Perfect Cooker rice cooking pot?

Perfect Cooker sells on the website and in the commercial for $39.98 (payable at once or in 2 payments of $19.99) plus a shipping and handling fee of $9.99 for a total of $49.97. However, if you want to take advantage of their “buy one get one offer” you pay an additional $9.99 for the second Perfect Cooker for a total of $59.96.

Perfect Cooker also has an optional 4-year warranty for another $14.98.

Otherwise, Perfect Cooker has a 60-day money back guarantee, minus the shipping and handling fees and what it costs to send back. There is also a 60-day limited warranty, but you must pay to ship the defective unit to them as well as pay $9.99 to cover return postage.

If you are having trouble with your Perfect Cooker and want a refund, you need to contact Tristar customer service at 973-287-5161 and get an RMA.

Bottom Line: Is Perfect Cooker a great easy kitchen cooking tool to make rice, soups, and other foods?

Maybe. While Perfect Cooker touts one-button technology and an automated thermostat, we’d like to point out that it’s essentially a fancy rice cooker that cooks just 3 cups of rice. This may be good for certain situations, but not enough in others.

And here’s something else that you may not know: you can use an ordinary rice cooker to cook a wide variety of foods and keep them warm too, just like Perfect Cooker. We found recipes for mac and cheese, banana bread, soups and more on LifeHacker, Buzzfeed, and Greatlist to name just 3.

Most basic rice cookers also have just one button and aren’t nearly as expensive  as Perfect Cooker is – for example, this Black and Decker 3-cup Rice Cooker sells for $14.08 and has a 4-star average on

Another Fusion Brands product we’ve received ratings from is the Power Pressure Cooker XL, which averages just 2.5 stars from more than 120 reviews. Common complaints were that it was too small and there was lousy customer service if you had warranty issues. Because of this, we expect mixed-leaning-negative reviews for Perfect Cooker as well.

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