Pep Sox from Telebrands are a set of colorful compression stockings they promise are as comfortable as they are stylish. They claim Pep Sox will help with circulation, reduce swelling, and pup a pep back in your step while making you look great, too!

How Pep Sox Work

Pep Sox are under-the-knee compression-type stockings made of a spandex/nylon blend they state is breathable and not too bulky. These types of garments have a tighter weave at the ankle, gradually loosening as it moves up your leg. Compression stockings are often prescribed by a doctor and can help with swelling, aching feet, and prevent blood clots; however Pep Socks are available to anyone who wants them.

Also, unlike dull flesh or dark colored medical compression stockings (and one of the main selling points of Pep Sox) is that they come in bright fashionable patterns – Classic Lace, Leopard Print, and Flower – so they say you can wear them with a dress and not feel embarrassed. 

Pep Sox Cost:

$16.99 for the Classic Lace ($10 plus $6.99 S&H) but if you want all three styles you add another $6.99 in fees making the total $22.98.

Telebrands has a 30-day money back guarantee for Pep Sox but remember this does not include any of the added fees. You must also compose a “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning Pep Sox, otherwise they may say no way.

Bottom Line: Is Pep Sox a Good Idea?

Compression stockings are a medical necessity for many older people, especially those that have swelling or blood clots. Unfortunately, these types of garments are available only after consultation and prescription from your doctor and don’t come with a sexy pattern. 

In other words, if you’ve just had surgery or your doctor tells you that you need compression stockings, Pep Sox is mostly likely not what he had in mind. Medical compression wear is measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury) and based upon a specific diagnosis; Pep Sox is likely in the 8-15mmHg range, which is good for only mild conditions.

You need medical compression socks if you suffer from edema (fluid buildup in the legs), lymphedema (blockage of lymph fluids), DVT (deep vein thrombosis), and other leg conditions like varicose veins. 

This means, that for general tired, swelling feet or minor circulation issues, Pep Sox may indeed give you a little boost. If you need any more than that, you should consult your doctor.

If you would like more information about compression stockings, check out this Frequently Asked Questions about compression wear from Absolute Medical. You may also want to read article from ClotCare Online Resource about choosing and wearing compression stockings. 

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Pep Sox and gives you the info you need about compression wear. Let us know if this was helpful to you in the comment section below!