Pedi Pen is a callus-removing tool that they claim is the easy way to get rid of dead skin on your feet. They claim this is due to a precise beveled tip made of surgical stainless steel that gently removes the callus and, because it’s long and thin, is compact and great for travel.

How Pedi Pen Works

Pedi Pen is a steel tube and indeed looks like a writing instrument; it is hollow, has a turquoise grip and a beveled tip. They instruct you to use it like you would a pen, but instead of using it on paper, you rub it against the calluses on your feet. They state the pinpoint precision allows you to get between toes and get rid of the biggest calluses in one pass, yet it still won’t hurt the skin. 

After using Pedi Pen, they tell you to push the hygienic wand through the tube to clean out the dead skin. They promise Pedi Pen will leave your feet so smooth you won’t be afraid to wear your sexy sandals again and because it’s so small you can carry it with you for the next time you need it. 

Pedi Pen Price

$17.95 for one Pedi Pen (listed as $10 plus $7.95 P&H) and if you want you can add a second Pedi Pen for $1.95, making the total $19.90 for 2. Since this option is already checked for you, it’s likely you will opt for 2.

Pedi Pen does come with a 30-day money back guarantee; however this is only for the initial $10 and not the $9.90 in fees (if you get 2). This means even if you return your Pedi Pens they will keep nearly half the money you paid.

Bottom Line: Is Pedi Pen a Scam?

Pedi Pen appears to be a foot file, similar to the Ped Egg – they both have a beveled edge that scrapes off dead skin. But instead of having dozens of these edges across an oval face like the Ped Egg, the Pedi Pen has just one at the tip of its wand. 

While this may make it a bit more stylish and convenient to keep in a purse, we wonder if it won’t end up taking much longer to do its job. Compare it to grating cheese with just one hole vs. a full-sized grater and you get the idea. (Sorry if we just grossed you out.)

Pedi Pen is so new as of this writing there were no customer reviews that we could find. If you ordered it, let us know what you think below!