Pedi Peel Magic from Tri-Star Products claims to be an exfoliant foot cream you put in plastic booties that will make your feet baby soft with just one 30-minute application. They state the secret is a fruit extract formula that penetrates layers of dead skin and separates them from the healthy; days later they promise you will watch your feet get softer and smoother before your very eyes.

How Pedi Peel Magic Works

They don’t say what’s in Pedi Peel Magic, except that it’s a formula extracted from fruits. To use it, they instruct you to squeeze the gel into the provided plastic boots and put them on your feet. Then, chillax for 30 minutes; during this time they claim Pedi Peel Magic will get deep down inside those nasty, hard calluses and activate the skin’s natural peeling process.

After a few days have passed they claim your calluses, corns, and dead skin will disappear. Pedi Peel Magic exclaims you can proudly wear open-toed sandals again!

Pedi Peel Magic Cost:

The default is $21.98 for 2 Pedi Peel Magic applications, listed as $10 plus $5.99 postage and handling for the first set and another $5.99 in fees for the second. If you want just one Pedi Peel Magic set, you need to switch the radio box and then it’s $15.99.

Pedi Peel Magic comes with a 60-day money back guarantee minus any fees. 

Bottom Line: Is Pedi Peel Magic a Scam?

We couldn’t find any customer reviews of Pedi Peel Magic, however there are some things you should know. Pedi Peel Magic seems to be a product similar to Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel imported from Asia. Baby Foot is part of a hot new fad in foot care, using citrus extracts on the skin to reveal new “baby” skin underneath.

However, these foot peel products seem to be a bit messy and don’t work overnight. Instead, over a few days your dead skin will flake away, which can be a bit annoying and/or gross. However, once this is done, it appears to really do the trick, softening hard, callused feet. 

Tri-Star Products has an A- from the BBB, in spite of having had almost 1000 complaints in the last 3 years. (The BBB says the number of complaints are relative to the company’s size and their prompt response were factors that raised the score.)

If you are interested in Pedi Peel Magic, we suggest going to your local retailer such as Rite Aid or Walgreens, where it will likely be on sale very soon. In spite of saying that this offer is not available in stores, 90% of sales of these products are done at retail, not online or over the phone. 

That way, you won’t have any long shipping times, hidden fees or upselling. If it is a crappy product, you won’t have to deal with lousy customer service, either. 

Let us know your experience with Pedi Peel Magic below!

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