Pedi Paws Pro is a pet nail-filing device sold by Telebrands that they promise is the pain-free method to trim your dog or cat’s nails. Telebrands claims to have sold over 5 million of the original Pedi Paws and that the Pro adds such things as 5x magnification and variable speed.

But is the Pedi Paws Pro worth the upgrade and, most importantly, is it the best way to trim your pet’s nails? Let’s take a closer look…

The Pedi Paws Pro Pitch

Pedi Paws Pro is aimed at pet owners who want/need to trim their animal’s nails but are afraid of using traditional animal clippers. They attempt to worry you by showing that a dog’s nail contains sensitive tissue called the quick, which can cause pain or bleeding if you accidentally cut into it with clippers. The product claims it’s the gentle, humane way to keep nails trim that your pet will love.

How Pedi Paws Pro Works

Pedi Paws and Pedi Paws Pro are both essentially rotating emery boards that grind the nail instead of cutting like a more traditional pet nail clipper. The main differences seem to be:

  • Pedi Paws files one nail at a time; with Pedi Paws Pro you place the entire paw in the unit against the filing disc.
  • Pedi Paws is powered by 2 C batteries; Pedi Paws Pro uses batteries of an unknown size.
  • Pedi Paws Pro has variable speed and a 5x magnifier so you can allegedly see what you are doing better.

To use your Pedi Paws Pro, it is suggested you go slowly and carefully. Here is a detailed “How To” video for Pedi Paws. Pedi Paws Pro works in a similar fashion, albeit with the pet’s entire paw inside the machine.

Pedi Paws Pro Costs:

$27.98 ($19.99 plus $7.99 for S&H.) If you want another Pedi Paw Pro, you can add a “bonus” one for another $7.99 in fees. These fees are non-refundable and you must also include a written explanation with your return (within 30 days) or they could nix your request.

Bottom Line: Is Pedi Paws Pro a Scam?

Pedi Paws seems to have passionate lovers of the product as well as extreme haters; this averages out to a 3-out-of-5 star rating on many review sites. Those that adore Pedi Paws generally say their dog or cat would not their nails be cut any other way. Those that hate it say just the opposite: their pet was scared of the Pedi Paws sound and good luck getting your dog or cat to put their nail against a moving emery board.

Pedi Paws Pro seems to be a different design and mild “upgrade” from Pedi Paws, but chances are if your dog didn’t like the original they’re not going to go for this one either. It’s too early for consumer reviews of Pedi Paws Pro, so if you do want to buy it, remember:

  • Your dog or cat will need to acclimate to it.
  • It takes a lot more time to grind away nails than to cut them.
  • “As Seen On TV” products tend to disappoint.
  • Telebrands recently (Aug 2014) had their BBB rating changed from A- to F.
  • Here are some other options for pet nail grinders.
  • If you decide to go the “old fashioned” way and clip your dog’s nails, here is a tutorial by the ASPCA on how to do it without hurting them.