Ped Egg Power Mini from Telebrands is a callus removing tool that claims to be the secret to smooth feet that fits in the palm of your hand. Ped Egg Power Mini touts it offers the same power as the original Ped Egg Power but now fits in the palm of your hand.

Ped Egg Power Mini Vs. Ped Egg Power Vs. Ped Egg – what’s the difference?

Telebrands actually has 3 different callus removing tools that they sell, each with the name Ped Egg. First, there is the original Ped Egg, an oval shaped manual callus scraper that is Telebrands’ most popular product ever with over 45 million sold.

Features: this device works by rubbing it against heels, and the dry dead skin is collected in the base.

Next, they came up with the Ped Egg Power, which essentially has nothing to do with the original Ped Egg except they share the same name.

Features: Ped Egg Power is powered by 2 AA batteries. To use it, you are instructed to gently press the rotating emery board against the skin. The dry skin is “buffed” away, leaving the flakes on the ground.

And now (drumroll please)… the Ped Egg Power MINI!

Features: they tout Ped Egg Power Mini offers the same callus-removing power as the Ped Egg Power but half the size.

(But judging from the above photos, it doesn’t seem to be any different from the Ped Egg Power.)

Customer Reviews of Ped Egg Power

Since they say it’s the same as the Ped Egg Power but smaller, let’s look at the reviews we’ve received from people who have tried that callus removing device. Right now, it has an average of 3 stars both at our website as well as our sister publication Highya.

“What a disappointment. I put new batteries in it, put it to my foot and it stops rotating, pull it away and it continues rotating, put it to my foot and it stops. My point -- NO amount of pressure can be added to this device…” reads a typical negative review.

An equal amount of people tend to love Ped Egg Power, however, even those that give it high marks note that the motor could be a bit more powerful. But as Elaine from Texas points out on Highya:

“I do agree it's not as powerful as the commercial shows, but then again do your teeth ever get as white as the toothpaste commercial says they will? This doesn't make this a ‘scam’. People like to throw that word out too much.”

Elaine points out that the instructions say to put gentle pressure on the skin and let the spinning wheel do the buffing work.

What does Ped Egg Power Mini cost?

Ped Egg Power Mini is offered for $10 plus $6.99, which includes a Lifetime Replacement Roller Certificate, a total of $16.99. At the time of your order you may add a second Ped Egg Power for another $6.99 in fees.

Telebrands and Ped Egg Power Mini Refund Policy

Telebrands customer service: 855-668-1655

Ped Egg Power Mini comes with Telebrands’ standard return policy. You can try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it they will refund your money, BUT:

  • This is only the original $10 and not any of the extra fees
  • You have to pay to ship it back to them
  • You must include a written “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning it or they could refuse your request.

Bottom Line: Is Ped Egg Power Mini a good way to get rid of ugly calluses on my feet?

As we pointed out to you above, Ped Egg Power Mini doesn’t appear to be a “mini me” version of Ped Egg but merely the same product with a different name. Even if it is a bit smaller, it will likely have the same issues as the original Ped Egg Power – meaning the motor is not very powerful. So long as you gently press it against your skin, it should work (you may want to do it over a trash can to collect the yucky flakes). Those with thick, heavy calluses may be disappointed.

Whether you are interested in Ped Egg Power Mini, the regular Ped Egg Power, or the good ol’ fashioned Ped Egg, we do not recommend buying from Telebrands’ toll-free number or their website. Instead, purchase at your local Target, Walgreens, or wherever “As Seen On TV” products are sold, which will save you any shipping fees and return hassles.

Let us know your experience with Ped Egg Power Mini below!