Ped Egg Magic Slippers is the latest Ped Egg-related product from Telebrands that promises to remove even the toughest, thickest calluses from the bottoms of your feet. Ped Egg Magic Slippers are said to contain a lotion that has a blend of exfoliates that they promise will gently loosen and remove dead skin and continues working even after the clock strikes midnight.

Why should I use Peg Egg Magic Slippers for my callused feet?

The original Ped Egg is an oval-shaped callus-scraping tool that just happens to be Telebrands’ biggest-selling product ever with over 45 million sold. Since that time, the company has attempted to cash in on the Ped Egg brand by releasing all types of callus removers (see Ped Egg Power and Ped Egg Power Mini for examples) but none have had the traction as the original.

Ped Egg Magic Slippers is essentially a pair of lotion-filled plastic booties that also shares nothing in common with the original Ped Egg except its name and the promise of removing dead skin. To use Ped Egg Magic Slippers, they instruct you to fill them with the cream, slip your feet in, and relax for an hour.

They don’t list the specific ingredients of the lotion in Ped Egg Magic Slippers, except to say that it’s like a chemical peel for your feet and contains an “exfoliating blend” with “moisturizing extracts” that work together to loosen your dead skin without the need to rub or scrub.

After wearing your Ped Egg Magic Slippers they tout that lotion will continue to work for days loosening dead skin until the top layer peels away, revealing baby soft feet underneath.

Ped Egg Magic Slippers are said to work for both Cinderallas and Prince Charmings (aka men and women) and promises it’s the easiest way to sexier feet.

How much does Ped Egg Magic Slippers cost?

Ped Egg Magic Slippers sell in the commercial and on the website for $10 plus shipping and handling of $6.99 for a total of $16.99. If you’d like a second pair of Ped Egg Magic Slippers you can add them at checkout for another $6.99 in fees.

Is there a money back guarantee for Ped Egg Magic Slippers?

Yes and no. Ped Egg Magic Slippers comes with Telebrands’ “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” meaning you have until midnight of the 30th day to give them a try. BUT if you do return them, the refund does not include any of the shipping and handling fees and what it costs to send them back.

In addition, Telebrands does not accept returns on consumable goods like Ped Egg Magic Slippers if they are opened or used. You must also write a “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning them or they could be like your wicked stepsister and say “no”.

Bottom Line: Will Ped Egg Magic Slippers make my feet smooth enough to go to the ball?

Possibly. Ped Egg Magic Slippers is still new, so there are no consumer reviews available at the moment. However, there are a few things we can still remind you about before you buy them.

First, in spite of boasting that Ped Egg Magic Slippers is a revolutionary way to smooth your feet, the truth is there are many similar lotion boots in the marketplace. The most popular is from Asia called Baby Foot, which has a 4-star average on Amazon.

The downside to both Ped Egg Magic Slippers and Baby Foot is that they do not work overnight. You must first soak your feet in them for an hour and then over the next week your skin will loosen and flake or peel off, which can be kind of gross. If you can survive that, they will likely leave your feet ready for your glass slippers.

Remember, Ped Egg Magic Slippers is the “As Seen On TV” version of Baby Foot. Since they don’t disclose the ingredients it’s hard to know if it will make your feet baby smooth… or turn them into a pumpkin.

Let us know your experience with Ped Egg Magic Slippers below!

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