PedEgg Bare Nails from Telebrands is a handheld nail buffer that promises it will shine your nails to a naturally beautiful high-gloss finish. They state PedEgg Bare Nails is easy to use, portable enough to take anywhere, and will give your nails a glossy sparkle in just 2 steps.

How does PedEgg Bare Nails make my fingernails shine?

PedEgg Bare Nails is a cordless nail polishing device that comes with 2 different heads (the type of battery it uses was not included in the infomercial or website and customer service had no further information). PedEgg Bare Nails claims its secret is the “mineral-based micro finishing technology”, which translates into a buffing roller and a shining roller that spin.

To use PedEgg Bare Nails, they instruct you to first use the buffing roller, which they claim will smooth out ridges or imperfections. Then, they tell you to switch to the shining roller, which they promise will create a glossy, long lasting shine in seconds that they insist will last for days.

PedEgg Bare Nails touts it uses no chemicals and is perfect for wearing your nails naked or prepping them for nail polish and adds that men can use it too.

What does it cost for a PedEgg Bare Nails nail polishing kit?

PedEgg Bare Nails includes 1 buffing pad and 1 shining pad and sells for $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H for a total of $27.98. At check out time they state you can double your order for an additional $7.99 in fees.

What is the PedEgg Bare Nails return policy?

All Telebrands products come with a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”, but this really means you can get your money back within 30 days, minus the S&H fees and what it costs to send back. (You also must include a “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning the product.)

However, Telebrands does not allow returns of consumable products (meaning ones that are used up) if they are opened. Since PedEgg Bare Nails has a set of rollers that do wear out, it’s unclear if it is returnable and when we called customer service they could not provide us with any more information.

Telebrands customer service: 1-855-668-1655

Bottom Line: Is PedEgg Bare Nails a great way to naturally make my nails shine for weeks?

Likely no. Why do we say this? Because it’s unclear how long each buffing roller will last. A similar product called Naked Nails [Vlad - you can link to the Naked Nails PD] says its buffing and shining rollers last approximately 3 manicures and should be used every other week.

If PedEgg Bare Nails functions the same way, this means you will need new rollers in approximately 6 weeks (12 if you bought 2). Telebrands had no information as to where to buy replacement rollers, so you would have to pay another $27.98 for another PedEgg Bare Nails kit.

Luckily, you don’t really need a nail-buffing device to keep your nails shiny (and if you use it too much you could hurt yourself). You can soak them in olive oil, milk, yogurt, or one of these other DIY home remedies for shiny nails listed here.

You can also simply use a manual nail buffer like Flash Shiner that sells for a lot less and lasts much longer adding only a few extra seconds to the job.

We hope this helps shine a light on Ped Egg Bare Nails. Let us know what you think!