Ped Egg Powerball from Telebrands is the latest iteration of the Ped Egg line of callus removing tools for the feet. Ped Egg Powerball promises up to 2,000 spins per minute, a roller that’s 40% larger, and a head that pivots. Peg Egg Powerball insists this new design will allow you to buff away dead skin from your feet easier than ever.

What’s the story behind all these different Ped Eggs?

In the beginning there was the Ped Egg. It was a simple, egg-shaped manual callus scraper. The instructions were to gently rub against the dead skin on your heels and the grated surface would remove it just like cheese (kind of a gross thought, we know).

Ped Egg

When Telebrands released the Ped Egg, apparently the world rejoiced as they have sold over 45 million of them. Who knew it would be so popular? Not even the founder of Telebrands, A.J. Khubani, as the prototype sat on his desk for more than a year. According to the legend, it wasn’t until he came up with the name “Ped Egg” that it all clucked – er – clicked into place.

Based on that success, Telebrands decided to create a lot of “spin offs”. But like most sequels, they don’t seem to pack the same punch as the original.

For example there was the Ped Egg Power, which was a completely different battery-powered design (2 AA batteries) with a spinning mineral roller that boasted 2,500 spins per minute.

Ped Egg Power

Then came the Ped Egg Power Mini, a supposedly “mini me” version of the Ped Egg Power. But as we noted in our overview, they appeared to be the exact same size (the Ped Egg Power Mini appears to have been discontinued).  

Ped Egg Power Mini

Can you tell the difference?

And now… drumroll please… Telebrands introduces the Ped Egg Powerball!

According to the website, the Ped Egg Powerball spins up to 2,000 times per minute and has a 40% bigger head – this time they appear to be “supersizing” it.

Ped Egg Powerball

The Ped Egg Powerball is also said to be rechargeable and have a built-in LED light. But perhaps the biggest new feature is its pivoting head, which they claim lets it follow the contours of your feet better and won’t leave behind dead skin.

The price of Ped Egg Powerball

Ped Egg Powerball sells on the Telebrands website for $19.99 plus $7.99 (total $27.98) for the standard version, which includes the charger and 3 replacement rollers.

You also have the option for the Deluxe Ped Egg Powerball, which also includes:

  • Storage pouch
  • Amazing Foot Cream
  • Small and large clippers
  • 5-year warranty

This is sold as $29.98 and includes free shipping and handling.

Ped Egg Powerball refund information

Telebrands customer service: 855-668-1655.

Ped Egg Powerball comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but this does not include any shipping fees and what it costs to send it back. If you ordered the standard Ped Egg Powerball, this means they will keep $7.99. You must include all the original packaging as well as a written explanation as to why you are returning it or they could refuse your request.

Bottom Line: Is Ped Egg Powerball the latest and greatest Ped Egg?

Ped Egg Powerball seems like it’s fancier than the other Ped Eggs we listed, but you have to ask yourself do the extra features really add much value? While the charger may save you money on batteries, do you really need an LED light? After all, you should be removing dead calluses in a well-lit bathroom, not in a dark garage! And a pivoting head doesn’t really add any more contact to the heel of your foot than the other versions.

And then there’s the speed: while Ped Egg Powerball claims it spins up to 2,000 rpms, the first Ped Egg Power was clocked at 2,500. And, according to many reviewers on our website as well as our sister pub Highya, that “power” was not powerful enough.

“Doesn't rotate when the slightest bit of pressure is applied,” reads a typical negative review.  Other more positive reviews suggest making sure the batteries are fresh and remind people that it is not supposed to be like a power tool.

Therefore, since Ped Egg Powerball spins 5,000 rpms less than Ped Egg Power, we assume there will be similar complaints. Our recommendation? Stick with the original Ped Egg – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Let us know your experience with Ped Egg Powerball below!