Patchtastic is a repair kit that the makers promise will fix virtually any drywall hole, ding, or dent in just minutes. They insist you need no special putties or tools and that everything is pre-measured and cut so anyone can do it.

How Patchtastic Works

Each Patchtastic kit comes with 2 packets of plaster (unknown size), a mixing spoon, 3 mesh patches (unknown dimensions), a plastic spreader card, a touch up applicator tube and 2 paint transfer pumps. They promise this is enough to cover 2 doorknob-sized holes, 12 medium holes, and 100 nail holes.

To use Patchtastic, they instruct you to cover the hole with the self-adhesive mesh patch, add water and mix the plaster and apply with the spreader. Then, use the paint transfer pump to put the touch-up paint into the tube and then squeeze onto the wall. And voila! No more hole!

Patchtastic Will Cost You:

$21.94 for 2 Patchtastic kits. This is listed on the website as $10 plus $5.95 S&H and they charge you an additional $5.95 in fees automatically for the “free” second kit.

There is no return information listed on the website; a call to customer service has yet to be returned.

Bottom Line: Is Patchtastic a Scam?

Patchtastic is essentially a set of items you would find in any hardware store to fix a drywall hole, albeit pre-cut and/or measured for “convenience.” However, we’d also like to point out a few things.

First of all, the convenience costs you in the amount of product you will receive. The main components of Patchtastic seem to be the self-adhesive mesh and the plaster. A quick search shows 300 ft. of mesh sells for $6.45, enough to cover dozens of doorknob holes. A 3 lb. tub of powdered plaster sells for $5. Whether you use Patchtastic or not, you’ll still need to buy your own touch-up paint and a small brush will cost you about a dollar. 

In other words, for about half the money, you could purchase enough of the key items to last you for quite a while. And if you do have small, nail-sized holes, you can simply fill them with toothpaste or even crushed aspirin and cover with paint.

If you do have larger holes to fix, it’s still not too difficult even if you have to cut and measure everything yourself. Here’s an informative video from eHow about how to patch drywall.

We hope this gives you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Patchtastic is a product you need. Let us know what you think below – did it save you time and was it convenient or did you feel it was a waste of money?