Pasta Swing isn’t a yummy child’s playground ride. No, it’s a “swinging” colander-within-a-pot that they claim catches pasta and other foods as you pour the boiling water out, “magically” preventing them from going down the drain. But as they say in Little Italy: “Mama Mia, whadda waste of money!”

Pasta Swing comes from Telebrands, a company that sells many fancy-but-useless products such as this. It’s marketed under the “Orgreenic” brand, which is essentially pots and pans covered in a green-colored Teflon-like coating. (You can read our Orgreenic review here.)

The Pitch

Pasta Swing uses Iron Chef judge Mario Rizzotti as their spokesperson who has such a strange, thick Italian accent it’s hard to believe it’s real. What’s also hard to believe are the claims of this product, which they say is like “magic” and has a “unique” strainer that fits inside the pot.

They try to make the infomercial look like a cooking show, touting the ability to make macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, and mashed potatoes that you can boil strain and serve in just one pan. (You will still need to cook the meatballs and sauce in another pan.)

How Pasta Swing Works

To use Pasta Swing, cook any food you would normally boil. Then, instead of taking 2 seconds to put your regular plastic or metal colander in the sink below, you tilt Pasta Swing and the inner strainer swivels out to catch the food.

Pasta Swing includes:

  • Pasta Swing
  • Dolce Vita Recipe Book
  • Fitted and vented glass lid and “gourmet” cheese grater (extra S&H)

It Costs:

$27.98 ($19.99 retail plus $7.99 shipping). They tempt you with a “special offer” of a glass lid and cheese grater, which would tack on another $9.99 in S&H.

Telebrands Return & Privacy Policy

Telebrands likes to say its products are “!00% guaranteed” but that’s not really the case. True, you can return them within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price, but you know those shipping and handling fees? They are never returned to you and you have to pay to ship the item back. In addition, you have to make sure to include a written explanation as to why you did not like Pasta Swing, or your request could end up “sleeping with the fishes”, capeesh?

Also, it should be noted that companies like Telebrands have a Privacy Policy that basically allows them to use or sell your personal information any way they see fit, including emails and possibly phone calls to sell you other stuff. You have been warned.

Bottom Line: Is Pasta Swing a Scam?

Pasta Swing isn’t going to save you any time and certainly not any money. I mean, you have a pot for boiling water and a plastic colander already in the kitchen, don’t you? (If you don’t you can pick them up anywhere for much less than this Pasta Swing device.) Speaking of picking up, they don’t mention anything about a stay-cool coating on its metal handles, yet in the commercial Mario and others grab Pasta Swing from a hot stove without any mittens. If you do buy this device, not only will you get burned from the purchase price, but perhaps also from touching it if you’re not careful!