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Very dangerous product

Mar 18, 2017 | | Central Coast Australia

Absolutely useless product, cheap plastic housing for bolt connection, sheared through. Tried on my Orbitrim with the bent shaft unit, but vibrated like crazy and out of balance. Put too much strain on the engine while trying to start. If used for any length of time, would surely break the drive shaft. For anyone thinking of purchasing this product, do not buy. Had to giv1-star rating as would not let me post without it. Should be no stars.

I'll stick with the string trimmer

Feb 11, 2017 | | Deniliquin NSW Australia

It will not properly trim edges up against timber or concrete. I tried shrub trimming and only mediocre results. Contrary to the site blurb, the blades are blunt and long grass cutting is pretty bad.

I do not think this is a scam, but it does not do anything the string trim cannot. To make this more effective, I would have a clip on device which provides a small extension to the blades which extends beyond the ring. This of course raises safety issues. The string trimmer purveyors do not have a thing to worry about.

Once bitten twice shy

Feb 8, 2017 | | Australia

Wish we had read the reviews prior to purchasing. Orbitrim is nothing like advertised. Doesn't cut to the walls, hard to fit, does not meet expectations at all. Unfortunately hubby left it too late to send back for a full refund and we subsequently binned it. Put that down to experience.

Wouldn't fit

Feb 3, 2017 | | Sydney, Australia

Nuts and bolts wouldn't fit our gas well known brand trimmer, so not a universal product.

Very good on edging and tried hedges. A bit more experience.

Jan 20, 2017 | | Paynesville vic. Australia

Only thing is it loosened off but great little gadget.

No installation instruction with package

Jan 8, 2017 | | Australia Victoria

Where do I use the nuts and bolts that came with the package, and why don't the nuts fit the bolts.

Absolute rubbish

Dec 23, 2016 | | Brisbane

Orbitrim does not work like the advertising says. It's very heavy and unbalanced on the end of the trimmer, does not cut edges as well as stated (first use) and blades are blunt, resulting in poor quality trimming. Definitely does not trim light edges as show on tv. Don't waste your money.

Big Flop. Waste of money

Dec 21, 2016 | | Australia

My husband has spent the better part of an hour trying to start his whipper snipper as the Orbitrim sets it off balance. When it does work, it doesn't edge like they say on TV and it cuts grass unevenly. And the machine is going blurp blurp blurp, throwing itself around in his hands. Upon starting, Orbitrim doesn't let him pull the cord out. He's now gearing up to replace the Orbitrim with the cord.

It's not ready for production yet. The only installation instructions we could use was the YouTube instructions which worked. Still, this has been a waste of money!

Doesn't work right now

Jun 14, 2016 | | Odenville, Alabama

I bought one of the orbit trimmers, put it on my weed eater and it would not crank. I took it back off and it cranked right, put it back on and it would not crank so what is my problem. Thanks.

It's okay I guess.

Jun 13, 2016 | | Northern Kentucky

My wife just bought this for me for Father's Day and I got it a week early. There were no installation instructions that I could find in the package. I installed it (so I thought) and went to start my trimmer. It started and I was like ok, so maybe I don't have to buy string again. I walked down off of my porch while it was started. IT FLEW OFF OF MY TRIMMER. Thank god my kids were inside watching a movie.

I found the bolt, metal washer and the plastic washer. However, I couldn't find the cap as I figured I am going to watch for the small pieces as it flew off and try to find the big pieces later. So I looked online via Google and could not find any kind of installation manual as I figured that even though this is the only way that this can be installed, there must be some top secret way. Guess what, there isn't any kind of installation manual.

Before I wanted to sit on hold like you do at any call center I wanted to give it another shot. I installed it the same exact way (minus the cap). I gave it an extra tight snug this time. Apparently you need to do this as it stayed on this time but without the cap it was still a little loose with movement while trimming. At first it took down some tall grass as I didn't get a chance to cut my grass this weekend. I went to hit the taller grass around my fence line and it was more or less just pushing it down and not cutting it. I took it over a few times and it just seems like it doesn't cut on the first pass but you have to go over it a few times. With string it's the first pass every time.

I guess my review or if someone asked me if I would recommend this, I would respond with "Do you want to pay for more gas and not spend 5-10 minutes restringing your own trimmer or just take the time and get it done the first time?" The downside to my statement is I don't have plants aside from trees so maybe it is more beneficial for people that plant flowers but I can also cut the grass near my flowerless flower beds. It will be nice to not buy string again and maybe I need to not have it so long but it did seem to extend the amount of time I spend weed eating. Also it was nice to not get caught on my wire fencing when I am trimming around it.

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